The essence of a democracy is majority having their way. If two communities can gang up and dictate issues then that’s a feature, not a bug.
If the US was a democracy then NY and california would similarly dictate issues due to population size.
Even this referendum you call for will be decided by a simple majority… The two communities you complain about can simply veto it.
This is just hot air by Raila.
If he was serious he’d actually start the referendum process instead of appealing to the UN to break up the country which is a laughable proposition at best

The USA prevented that very problem by having the Electoral College
So that large States [ …and their potential super majorities… ] do not marginalize the smaller ones …

What we want is Fairness and Equity
All Land , All Jobs and All power cannot be in the hands of 2 communitie at the expense of others …

Listen, I agree with you. All tribes should go their separate ways and form countries along the lines of previous 8 provinces.

We are in agreement. Like I said, I’d like to have central province as a country.

You’d be surprised. Kikuyus and Kalenjins also want to form their own countries.

Wenye tulipiga kelele ju ya ii maneno after kufeel tuliibiwa ile kura ingine wacha tukae kwa fence akina @Electronics4u watuwakilishe roundi hii…lakini pia Baba akuwe serious saa ii ameona nika JSK atakaa ngumu ameleta maneno ya [SIZE=4]Secession ndio aende apakuliwe zake ki Handshake aache watu kwa mataa…Script writer tafathali badilisha script kidogo ii tushajua end game [/SIZE]

What people seem to be missing (and I don’t know how they’re missing this) is that in those 8 countries there will still be dominant and “marginalised” tribes eg in Nyanza Luos will be dominant and kisiis subservient.
The only foolproof solution is to have 45 countries one for each tribe

To be honest, that also works.

The presidency has always been the problem. With its veto and absolute power. Could we solve that, we would be on our way to economic liberation and create a country devoid of tribalism and marginal oppression.
I was telling someone that we could have a purely ceremonial president elected by a board of seven leaders, representatives of the former provinces.
Just like it happens in the council of governors.
The chair of the council has at one time been a kikuyu and a luhya.

wakisii, na vyenye tumamejaa kitengela, which is essentially maaasai-land na kamulu, ukambani tutaenda gwapi kenya ikigawanywa gaaki?

that is not even logical for example - you have phlegm-spitting worias in wajir, mandera, garissa and eastleigh for 20 marks, give them a county.

In 1992 under moi hundreds of kikuyus, luhyas and luo were massacred by Kalenjins. Isn’t that a tribal problem? Is raila to blame?

Mtarudi Kisii and Nyamira counties

I support the motion Mr speaker sir

nyeri is a cold, miserable backwater village where no one wakes up early. to want to live there forever is like desiring eternal damnation.

Mutafanya Hoho D- akue president

This is how the regions will look after the secession. Mimi I will move from hapa Muranga to syokimau or kitengela which are azimio counties so that i can live happily with my azimio brothers. We will ask Mombasa, makueni and machakos which are azimio to impose hefty charges to use the port or move goods through the azimio republic. Also kajiado under ODM governor ole lenku will be told afunge mpaka hapo namanga and loitoktok unless kenya kwisha republic pays through the nose to import through there. Same with busia, malaba, isebania and kisumu port in azimio zones tutafinya KK importers kabisa.

This would remove the thrill of elections, bonobos would rather suffer under bad leadership than sacrifice the excitement voting for a president.

Makes sense if we create 42 countries

Wacheni. Central goes all the way to Nakuru then to Aberdares to Rumuruti; Counties; Kiambu, Nyeri, Mûrang’a, Kirinyaga, Embu, Meru, Tharaka Nithi, Nakuru, Nyandarua, Laikipia. Go figure!


Past gilgil mnajua vizuri nyinyi ni glorified squatters.