Agwambo amesema anataka ku secede from the republic.

I highly agree. Personally, I’m okay with Central Province forming its own country.
The whole of Kenya should just break into 8 states (the former 8 provinces). This would solve a lot of problems.

I’d be honored to have my passport say Central Province. I’ll never be confused for a Zoomalian by customs while seeking entry to foreign countries. Those jamaas have Kenyan passports and cause trouble everywhere they go so ordinary Kenyans are treated like trash by foreign countries.

They will get their own passport that says North Eastern. I’ll never share a country with such cucks as well as Nigerian wash wash nincompoops who all have illegal Kenyan passports.
There’s no way a Zoomalian or a Nigerian can ever get a Central Province Passport.

Secession is the way!


we are in the process of Annexing JUBALAND and extend our coastal line

UDA among the biggest mistakes on earth. Bonobo nugu saidi. Bure kabisa Ngombe ici

No. Kenya is not a “political union” but a union of the people. We must suffer while united.

It worked very well in the former Yugoslavia and solved a lot of problems …

Zakayo and Riggy Gee can have Rift Valley and Central …
Good Riddance … :stuck_out_tongue:

So nikitaka kuenda kutomba mama ya @PHARMACY matuu i will need a passport?

Ask Eastern people. My interests lie in central province so Kama unataka kwenda Nyeri lazima utafute visa kwa the central province embassy Nairobi.

kwanza Zoomalians ndio tunataka kutoa.

Exactly! Sijui why Kenyans don’t want secession. It could solve a lot of our problems. Every province/tribe would have their president, their own country, their own jobs and nobody will ever say “oh, I can’t get a job sababu mimi sio Mkikuyu ama Mkalenjin”.

Every tribe will then pambana na hali yao. Mimi I’m okay staying in Nyeri forever.

@Aka mpole wacha ushoga tafathali, nairobi si ya jigger infested and alcoholics kikuyus. But if you secede mtuachie your AIDS infested women waendelee kuuza kuma yao borehole huko river road ,we prefer them over smelly @Agwambo sisters

Iyo Nairobi chukueni. We are okay with central province. Nairobi ni yenu.

Isn’t it your father Raila Odinga who wants to secede? I am merely supporting your BABA.


The only way to resolve this issue is secession. There’s no need of one tribe to always keep protesting ati mtu wao ameibiwa kura. Every tribe should form their own country with their own president and governance systems….economy, infrastructure etc.

This marriage should end.

[SIZE=5]Secession will cure the famous "Tyranny of Numbers " for once and for all …
All Regions will have their Choice of Leaders and we will not have to dwell under 2 tribes any more …[/SIZE]

Louder tafadhali. Zoomalians wapewe North Eastern waende wakalipuane uko


You can run but you cannot hide. You are going nowhere. You are not seceding and Central republic blablabla is never happening. You will have to stay put, grow some balls and face your demons in your current state called KENYA. Otherwise this below will be your future. :D:D

Hauna akili. Stop talking as if I’m the one who suggested it. Raila Amolo Odinga is the one who is pushing for secession. I only offered a way of how to approach it should we actually have to secede from the republic. My point is that if secession is happening, then we should do it along the lines of the former provinces.

Wacha kufikiria kama kondoo.

Kenya has no tribal problems. Kenya has only ONE problem, the RAILA problem. Risasi moja tu ya kichwa.

Wee Chikuyu, you sound like you’re having constipation

Years ago …
The MRC [ Mombasa Republican Council ] were talking about it …

WHY …???
The Coastal communities have been marginalized since 1963 …
Local communities are landless while politically correct communities and cronies of the leadership class are allocated land and business opportinities.

It is very simple …
Let’s have a National Referendum on the issue …
Just like the Banana / Orange referendum of a few years ago …
I gurantee you that 90% of all marginalized communities will approve it …
Let every Province decide whether it wants FEDERATION or INDEPENDENCE


WHY …???
Because 70 years after Independence …
We cannot have just 2 communities in Leadership …
We are all tired of 2 communities in this country dictating our fate and destinies …