Season's greetings to feminists

Keep up the good fight for “equality” in 2020 :D:D:D

hope the hammer of justice will be unisex


We shouldn’t mix normal religious people who contribute to society and radical extremists who blow things up, same goes for feminism, there is a feminist in Iran who literally set herself on fire just to protest the injustice of women being banned from stadiums.

please let’s not undermine her and many other women’s hardwork and sacrifices by labeling all of feminism in accordance with these very small but vocal minority that shouldn’t even be called feminists

Equal Human rights for women! Feminism yangu inaishia hapo. Hizo zingine nitapigania ile siku nitaweza kukojoa kama nimesimama na sio kama nimechuchuma.

Utanunua hii nikuletee?

:eek::smiley: Will you carve out my tits as well?