@screwplus ebu njoo kiasi

finally foound time to play battlefield and you know what it suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks apart from that Australian campaign na lawrence of arabia. verdict
[li]boring gameplay [/li][li]repetitive[/li][li]boring weapon selection[/li][/ul]
the good
[li]gorgeous graphics[/li][li]amazing audio kwa 5.1[/li][/ul]
i give it a 5.0/10


compared to this battlefield ni mediocre


ama wasemaje @screwplus

Also did my comparisons with COD Ghost. Battlefield graphics ni kali lakini story line jo.

Screwplus sijui what forums he frequents juu he just goes with the hype…

Okay first this isn’t the best story line in BATTLEFIELD Series but it does have a solid basic story to support both sp and mp …but i get you the Omg momments weren’t on point but when you died kuna vile that sting of what actually happenend kinda seeps in and out of yo but black ops 3 is definately the weakest and shittiest game by niggz treyarch…but as usual they made gains here and their they borrowed the small open world gameplay of bf series boosted it with some halo cieth of this new era…but these are the guys who made BLACK OPS 2 the best cod ever…don even bother arguing …how they made a game with multiple endings to a game with a ghost tree being sentient-i know nimeweka juujuu but i just rem the tree and the bitch from Aliens aka the one in the mec suit…anyways uko right story mode is weak can’t even rem most of it but the game itself is way above par cod ww2 won’t be this accurate yet even in an era with access to more weaponry they can’t pull off the atmosphere bf gives…broken houses and u in a tank with foot soldiers going through houses and shit taking your own route…the game had its momments in creating that this was one fucked up war…but the ai was also not that great wish we could have the hardline ai…those guys in veteran mode were like ninjas

yo hype …me? weren’t you on dishonored 2 dick? me i vouch for shit i got a shared history with…bf will always have the best fps online experience…cause the simulation is epic just get the game and go online and see the differenct between mp and sp…


there is a reason why a bf game holds the franchise down for a few years while cod has to chuck one every year with different developers…like seriously bF iko league ya arma,pugb or hz1 but cod ilotoka with00 this game like wako different lanes…oops forgot battlefront 2 only thing i want is my boy starkiller from swfu series

Damn they got some sick new maps …shiiit might actually get it s next price drop…love that snowy map thats ma shit…my wallet hii hustle jo…

Battlefield lacks the fun factor especially single player… good news is naskia next wolfenstein ni single player only going by old blood and new order itakuwa lit

between cod Ghosts na medal of honour…gani ni kali

G8 b8 M8
The worst cod yet- it showcases the recent decline in sales is due to lack of innovation and usi-argue since hakuna ghosts 2 and even sledgehammer won’t want to remember ile prommo ya hako ya ubwa unatumia only once and oh wait just rem this bullshit


This shit had me on the floor man…how can a trained mercs be taken out by a dog …they have knives and armor…wtf!
MoH has.will.always be special.cuz of the realism it got and fuck this trailer is still sick as fuck


ghosts campaign ni four hours, the ending wali ripoff modern warfare… medal of honor ni EAs problem child ule unamfichaga kwa bedroom wageni wakikuja so in short bothe games suck balls. jaribu infinite warfare

MOH only good one ilikuwa airborne the rest ni bad ripoffs za call of duty especially warfighter


Nope wont call everything call of duty rip off …when cod hasnt introduced neither made anything new concept l,wise when it comes to fps(they are the copy cats)-I like the stand alone medal of honor and funny enough ghosts kinda tried to still the aesthetics but failed and even warfighter has its merits the short campaign is the issue but all in all rem these campaign centered on the lives of the characters not saving the world theatrics we getvtheir back story and shit …cod is gun ho this shit till obligatory scene of you getting which I do rem even the latest one I rem they touched on family and how wives …but yea warfighter sucked cuz it clearly left out that formula and worked in creating a fast paced action game…fuck I can’t even rem its campaign no matter how hard I try…but stop making it look like cod has had any innovation since black ops 2 …Treyarch are the only ones pulling their weight in the rotation and apart from the one with the fag pedo star…man Irons wasn’t worth killing in the end and it sucked more than the final scene in halo 4 which. Means a lot