Screwing a woman in the other hole

All i can say about this is Samaki haliwi upande moja

Then dont ever go out with a mlami,Naija,Congolese,Tanzanians etc.... Its only Kenyans who have qualms about it. I was once coerced into doing it (no pun intended) by a TZ chic and i cant say that i didnt enjoy it ubaya ni kuizoea,you won`t appreciate nyap after that.
In most strict Muslim countries in the middle East where preserving your virginity as a woman is not an option before marriage,the only sex is anal and the men get so used to it that when they get married they have to be sat down and reminded that they have to ramnya the nyap if they want children.Most marriages end up in divorce juu bwana anatia wife in the ass and the dumb fucker keeps on blaming the wife for not getting pregnant.


that chic of beauty of the beast was suffering from stockholm syndrome. Wouldnt be surprised if she gave him anal?

Can you honestly say a guy (or girl) has put a finger in your ass or in that general vicinity while you were getting busy? did you hate it?
even you @Purr_27 and @Female Perspective ?

I know God …@nairobilay I will not do that

@uwesmake wanted to share a similar story on this topic weeks ago let us wait for him.

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Sir are you speaking from experience, if yes pole saaana

While you strive to hit the G spot,some guys are hitting the A spot. Nuff said

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Villlagers are watching too much porn. Teach the mboys here hiyo kitu umetaja…might help;)

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Let me educate you. First and foremost, the anus has to be on an attractive woman, then who said when you screw a woman in the industrial area you get homosexuality tendencies? Theres a mile of a difference between having sexual desires for a woman and desiring a man in the same way. Its too different. unless one is a closet fag. Some people prefer adventure and when you try it and love it why not, bora you are pouring inside a woman

So you are speaking as who? ( direct translation)

Hii wazimu mko nayo… I have tried it but the thing wont go through so I keep with the normal thing. Am also a little afraid of mining gold. Some people have offered that but i postponed it. The front is good enough for me and could do better f it was a little wider.



Duniani kuna mambo!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

hmmm should i say the word???

Kwani wewe ni Wesley Pipes?

Am talking about women… nini wewe. Not the most righteous of women though.

Pipes ana nini?

I don’t know, ask @Web Dev

kwani HKM munafikiria inamanisha