Scramble for congo. EAC face to off with South Africa


Africa belongs to the mighty Bantus

The bantus must realise their unity soon enough before the nilotes beat them to it. which is what will happen after 2022 polls.

How many Nilotes are there vs Bantus?
Do they even like each other?

Kagame and M7 already siphon off much more than the claimed 2b. Their interest here is to sabotage any efforts/ plans to share the loot.
Mhenga alisema, To betray, you must first belong.

Congo iko pesa

is Kagame related to Museveni like the ancient rumour mongers used to say? remember kagame is a m7 creation

Partners in crime maybe, blood relations issa long shot.

Museveni’s daughters are stunningly beautiful Tutsi damsels . Even his wife though old, is a very beautiful Tutsi lady :