Hello Elders,I am intending to exit the 9-5 shit and start a business that can substitute for my regular source or income.Problem is everyone tells me to do what I am passionate about and I am like,who told you that every passion can be transformed into a business? Most business ideas I see around are just so general and everyone is trying to do the same things,same way.Just look at the rates of how many startups close down within the first year of operations in Kenya.Well I have been thinking of pharmacy business bit again I am not a pharmacist.I would need to partner with one at a fee and have to live with the reality that this guy can turn the tables against my business any time,any day.I am open for ideas.My budget can stretch from somewhere between 0.5M-1.5M.Wale was kukojolea thread,not today please

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Umeonaje pharmacy iko na pesa?

The economy is controlled by the Pharma and the Food industries

start a side biz while still at your 9-5, from that side biz you will learn a lot about business world. remember you still need some income while still waiting for the first client.