Scope of Western Sanctions Surprised Moscow, Russian Foreign Minister Says
“Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has admitted that Moscow was surprised by the scope of Western sanctions imposed on the country.
Lavrov said on Wednesday that the scale of economic sanctions imposed by the United States, the European Union and others could not have been “predicted” ahead of Russia’s nearly monthlong assault on Ukraine. He singled out actions taken against Russia’s Central Bank, which contributed to devastating economic effects that have included the collapse of the ruble.”

Putin stans assured us that Putin had anticipated all kinds of sanctions. Hizi ni gani tena?

Nugu zinashikwa ziki cheat, “Babe it’s Putin! The stress of the Ukraine war lead me into the arms of another woman! Putin is causing all this!”

lavrov amesema ii ni :meffi: nyews agency spin off hajakuwa na press release yoyote

Tupatie link basi tumskie

gugu sio ya mama ya mtu NV, meffi wewe

Not only Russia but the whole world. The effectiveness of the sanctions on Russia was felt even to a cleaner at Chelsea FC. Yachts were chased to high seas. Oligarch children were chased out of UK and EU private schools. Principals of these schools are already worried how to sustain the schools. Add to the fact they are hardly 3 weeks old. Kweli no man( country) is an island.

Na Bado …
The Rouble has crashed , shortages have began and Citizens are protesting this Invasion …

Will he bomb his own citizens if they refuse to fight his silly War … ??? :D:D

How has the rouble collapsed when it’s stronger than pre sanctions?