Scientists Just Teleported an Object Into Space for the First Time

Eeerm, which cities of note did the Tibetans build(Lhasa was a village in comparison to any city of that era), any contributions to Architecture(which the Tibetans BORROWED from the Chinese), the Arts(Tibetan art history starts with the rise of Buddhism, while China already had an established civilisation with an art scene that was 2500 years old by then), Healthcare(Nope,to date,Tibetans have a high mortality rate,heck polyandry was practiced there to ensure child survival), War tactics(Nope,Even before Buddhism), major contributions to Science and Religion(emphasis on Major,Buddhism isn’t Tibetan.It is Indian and Tibetan Buddhism is one of the smallest sects of Buddhism)
Dude,Tibetans were not even aware of the Wheel until much later.
As for your last statement, that is pure nonsense!!
Romans had a far more superior way of building roads and buildings than any other civilization.Their roads are still in use to date.Their civilization was still inferior to the Greeks, from whom they copied much of their culture and customs.

Great info. I concede.

so basically they transported a very large nothing into a vacuum? try again mr scientist

Clearly, you are not familiar with Science.We have matter with negative mass and even negative energy

If this is true, why is the same not bieng done today?

The same reason why ,despite the fact that one can make a bulb that can last a Century, very few ,apart from the Centennial Bulb(switched on in 1901 and is still on to this day) and a few others have been made.Capitalism.