Scientists Just Teleported an Object Into Space for the First Time


[SIZE=6]Scientists Just Teleported an Object Into Space for the First Time
Melissa Chan
Jul 12, 2017

Scientists have successfully teleported an object from Earth to space for the first time, paving the way for more ambitious and futuristic breakthroughs.

A team of researchers in China sent a photon from the ground to an orbiting satellite more than 300 miles above through a process known as quantum entanglement, according to MIT Technology Review. It’s the farthest distance tested so far in teleportation experiments, the researchers said. Their work was published online on the open access site arXiv.

For about a month, the scientists beamed up millions of photons from their ground station in Tibet to the low-orbiting satellite. They were successful in more than 900 cases.

“This work establishes the first ground-to-satellite up-link for faithful and ultra-long-distance quantum teleportation, an essential step toward global-scale quantum Internet,” the team said in a statement, according to MIT Technology Review.

The MIT-owned magazine described quantum entanglement as a “strange phenomenon” that occurs “when two quantum objects, such as photons, form at the same instant and point in space and so share the same existence.” “In technical terms, they are described by the same wave function,” it said.

The latest development comes almost a year after physicists successfully conducted the world’s first quantum teleportation outside of a laboratory. Scientists at that time determined quantum teleportation, which is often depicted as a futuristic tool in science-fiction films, is in fact possible.

i don’t believe in those scientist.They just comeup with theories that ordinarly humans cannot prove

Its a trippy thing to read. Easy to dismiss. I’ll wait until they do it with something more substantial than a photon before I take them serious.

Me too.If they do that i will believe in them too

Personal I believe all this science existed at one point in the history of planet earth… Nothing new under the sun.
The 3rd Reich spend considerable amount of time in Tibet and other places where there was Ancient civilizations, it’s said, a good percentage of scientific and technological principles the NAZI had came from the Orient plus India

Explain in layman’s terms what’s a photon.
What qualities does it have?
Is it a gas, liquid or solid?

Lel, a photon being called an object.

A sub-atomic particle. Its what light is made of. Has no mass and no charge. Its some form of energy.
I’m not a physicist kwa hivyo I might be talking nonsense.

lol, gonna need citation on that.

Millions of times they tried… and they were successful in measly 900 times

That’s worst than @Mathaais having an ingenuity instance

if you dont understand the theory of quantum acceleration or entanglement in quantum physics or mechanics you better reserve your comments since these theories originated from before you were born

I have never wished having any conversation with you.So usinisumbue tafadhali.


Hii ni kelele tu. Why not use that teleport tech on earth we see it working kwanza?

discovery discovery is what we are doing. They are a lot of things not yet discovered by man that are present on earth or the atmosphere.

How do they know its the same photon?

Sounds more like science fiction to me

A. The 1938-1939 German expedition had nothing to do with Science but with racist notions that pure Aryans lived in Tibet.SMH.
B.Tibetian Civilization was not very advanced.In fact, out of all the civilizations in that region, I would place it as the most backward. The neighbouring Chinese,Cambodians,Thais and Indians had far more advanced civilisations.
3.Are you trying to tell us that Tibetians knew of photons???No civilisation knew of Atoms(at least atoms as they accurately are) and last I checked most German technology was…German.
Between 1870 and 1945, no country had more scientists ,more scientific discoveries and a positive attitude towards Science like Prussia/German Empire/The Weimar Republic/The 3rd Reich. Too bad from 1939 to 1945, the science was turned towards enshrining Racism. That is why both the Russians and Americans went on a factory and patent looting spree in 1945. The Apollo Mission for example was possible because of the Sarturn V rockets designed by Nazi German scientists. The first ICBM was made by the Germans who first bombed London from sub orbital space using the V2.

Tengeneza IED ujilipue al shabab meffi

I’d like to object this. The Tibetians were in fact, very far ahead than the surrounding civilizatioms. I dare say, at par with the Egyptians. Why, you might ask. Simply because they had a sophisticated knowledge of cymatics. This is is the manipulation of sound and its manifestation in other forms. This has been proven to be the technique used to lift tonnes of boulders up from creeks to mountain tops and sometimes, several ridges. They used musical instruments with well calculated tunes and distances to make them as light as feathers, antigravity, if you will.[ATTACH=full]113042[/ATTACH]