Scientific studies have proven that it is impossible to dislike this song and call yourself a Sub-Saharan African

Hii inafaa ikue anthem ya AU

Ngoma zetu wazee. Nostalgia za ma2000s. Watu kaa sisi tulisikizamga hii ngoma college saa hii tuko wazeeeeeee…

This goes on to prove that the sub saharan has a very poor taste for fine music. Hii ni makelele tupu

Ngoma Safi you got no taste.

Wewe ngojea lamba lolo kijana.

Here’s the translation. Warning us against kunguru.
it’s when i was down that the gal Antou left me oh ah {x4}

when i had little(money)
morning noon evening
we were together
at the “Rue Princesse” ( famous Abidjan bar)
at the “Mille Maquis” (famous Abidjan bar)
together at the"“inaudible” oh (famous abidjan bar)
when the money was gone
Antou changed side
wari bana (means “no more money” in african dialect)
she changed boyfriend

na gnere na gnere wa, na gnere na gnere wah (means you are crazy in african dialect)

thank god for me, i knew how to sing a little
i did my demo tape, people saw me on TV
morning noon evening its me singing on radio
Antou saw that and said the fool made it (GAOU means FOOL in slang)
wait, let me go and take his money (like scam him)

and we say first fool is not a fool
its the second fool who is the real fool
and we say first fool is not a fool
its the second fool who is the real fool
(african verison of “fool me once shame on you,fool me twice shame on me”

sunday morning knock knock someone’s knocking at my door
to my great surprise it’s the gal Antou i see
jokingly i say its been a while we’ve seen each other
(wrong translation on your original he says “EN SEMBLANT” not “ON S’EMBRASSE”)
she wants to lie to me she says darling i had traveled
i am back
i belong to you
take me as a gift and do what you want with me

{au Refrain}

i say sweet darling what do you want to eat
without hesitation she says barbecued chicken
when we say first fool is not a fool
its the second fool who is the real fool
i say sweet darling, its chicken you want to eat
chicken is too small and wont satisfy you
its barbecued cayman i will give you
“kedjenou” of elephant you are going to eat (kedjenou is an african dish)

na gnere na gnere wah, na gnere na gnere wah

she is upset and says she is going home
if she goes home, horniness is going to kill me
(coagulation means like coagulated sperm for lack of sex)
i ask for her forgiveness and she accepted
then at one point, she messed it all up
she stop asking for chicken and now wants alloco (alloco its an african fried plantain dish)
if its alloco,its not complicated
its a banana plantation
that you are going to fry
instead of a fork
that cant fill you up
its with a rake that you are going to eat
na gnere na gnere wa, na gnere na gnere wah
{au Refrain}

Kader fool oh ah
Blé go fool oh ah
Soro guillaume fool oh ah
Sabine yo so fool oh ah
Angelo fool oh ah
Hotorino fool oh ah
Blé niata oh ah
Dieu fit niata oh ah
Kader niata oh ah
Kader tu m’a niata oh ah
Blé niata oh ah
Michel is a fool oh ah
Emile is a fool oh ah

Honoré fool oh ah
i sAy you dance ah oh ah
look at your stuff oh ah
i say you dance ah oh ah

Nan guin nan wan, nan guin nan wan
Oh youdance ah oh ah

Hii transleshen yako iko off key kidogo naona hadi translator ameandika “inaudible” in some lyrics shika hii complete ZiKi - The African Music Project: Translation: 1er Gaou - Magic System

Mimi sio kijana for your info.

Kwani we ni msee wa Mozart?

My age, class and lifestyle qualifies me to listen to Mozart.

Jibambe buda