Scientific Reason why most marriages and longterm relationships wane/deteriorate with time and eventually fail

The 2nd law of thermodynamics

The second law of thermodynamics states that the total entropy of an isolated system can never decrease over time or in simple words the whole universe is constantly moving from stability to instability. eg: When i boil coffee, it became hot but as soon as i turn off flame it starts to cool down. The same thing is with our lives especially in a union of two separate and independent parties coming together as what happens in marriages ( stability ) .

Research shows that after the 7th year of marriage, 85% of couples are just putting up with each other and cheating behind each other’s back ( instability ). By the 20th year after reciting the wedding vows ( if no divorce/separation), 99% of them are just in it for purely platonic reasons, zero sex, zero intimacy ni kung’ethia tu ( total instability and back to square one )

Now you know:D

Hii ni @kelele tuu LOVE IS FOR THE BIRDS

They say that love is blind,and if love is for the birds then it follows that LOVE IS FOR BLIND BIRDS!!

even after three years together the flame dies out automatically

speaking from experience ama?

3 yrs Ni mingi just a few months


yangu iko still…we have been married for ages now i feel like i need a second wife.

How many years exactly?

I am on my 14th year of marriage (can I be made a VS immediately hata hiyo mambo ya VE turuke?). I have been kamuaing kungurus on the side from day 1 of marriage but ya nyumbani is still the best. I use resources to chase a kunguru but nikishakamua I regret and wonder whether it was worth it, after 1 month shetani ananitembelea tena. I enjoy wife’s company and we go out for drinks like every Friday (halafu Sato ni day yangu ya alone, soccer, friends, kutafuta makunguru). We even regularly go out of town for a night just to get away from the kids tukuwe sisi pekee yetu. I was here a few weeks ago asking for a place to go within 100 KMs radius from Nairobi. Thanks for those who gave ideas.

Aside from kids, what the difference between u and a philandering bachelor? Nothing! Absolutely nothing

A philandering bachelor cannot love one woman for over 14 year. I hope you are not about to drag me into that tired debate of love and sex meaning one thing. Unless of course you are a woman hiding behind a male avatar. That’s how we smoke them our.

nope, all i am just saying that maybe - just maybe - you would have ended up better as a bachelor

si pia yeye na cheza kama tu wewe

But original post says 99% are platonic by the 20th year. Looks like I headed to be in the remaining 1% bracket.

He just took in a single month less than 5 months ago

living legend hapa

You spoke for 95% of married men. The other 5% have ED.

Doing my 11th year in marriage. I have come close to straying numerous times. I have actually strayed twice. Yes,twice in 11 years. Me,doing my own thing my own way.
Funny how @Rubeni talks of guilt after achieving the away threshold. It happens. Been through tough patches in my marriage but have held on and made it work. If you enjoy each other company trust me it will last. Friendship is key.

:oops::oops::oops: This is very true. I like this @Tyler Boy. Makes a lot of sense!