Scientific fact of the day



10 days ni mingi - after 48 hours, your brain will lose the ability to judge events in a rational/logical way. Utafanya kitu ya ujinga na utakufa


More than that, probably around 60 onwards. I used to stay up more than 48hrs fairly frequently. You are tired but not out of it. Then you can sleep 4 hours and resume your life.

There was an experiment done in Russia… And participants died after 10days for lack of sleep in a controlled environment…

Wapi link tujisomee?


Not a fact though - this was a work of fiction. Hata the video at the end says it fictional.

Read any of the sources on the video description

Those questioning whether or not this was a true story didn’t have to do very much work. It’s a widely published fact that the Russian Sleep Experiment was a piece of fiction, posted anonymously in 2010 to Creepy Pasta, a website that showcases scary fictional tales. Despite this, there are always conspiracy minded people insistent that the story is true, or was leaked from some secret government lab; but no matter how strong their desire that this be the case, nobody has ever turned up anything like that. Sometimes a creepy story is just a creepy story.

This account isn’t a historical record of a genuine 1940s sleep deprivation research project gone awry, however. It’s merely a bit of supernatural fiction that gained widespread currency on the Internet after appearing on Creepypasta (a site for “short stories designed to unnerve and shock the reader”) in August 2010.