Science Vs Art Gani Muhimu Kuliko Nyingine?

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]According to me science is more important than art.
How does this sh!t benefit humanity
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Has saved millions from bacterial infections over the past many decades

socrates believed that it was essential to define terms in order to have a productive discussion, socratic elenchus - oliskia kitu kama hio kule sigalagala poly?

You can say that humans with higher consciousness appreciate some boring art that ordinary people see as trash. You might find them in galleries in Italy buying this garbage for 10 Million Dollars

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what is art ?
what is science ?

Tell us professor

Art is a visual expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. Science is a religion

Science is not religion because science yields proven results. Religion is believing imaginary sh!t.

Hydrogen combines with Oxygen to form water. Religion says all these things were made in Six days by Jesus’ dad

Ya right, that’s true until they tell you to “believe in the science”, trust the science they say and that’s the age we’re living in, nobody is allowed to challenge the “science”, no matter how much evidence one has to challenge the status quo

Kupika githeri tamu is both science and art.

Depends on interests and gifts. There are people who are gifted in art(music), whereas there are those who are gifted in sciences, and love sciences. Each can argue theirs is important than the other, but we complement each other in this world

Bana kuna ndizi flani sjui mtu alinunia pesa ngapi ati ni art.

Art is more interesting because there is more to see and hear. Science comes with its own complexities and is as if humans have little influence. Wengine wanasema ni mambo ya Mungu.
Art inatoka kwa mtu and comes with its own fulfillment.
I love art.

Art defines the beauty of life. Science creates solutions for the various aspects of life

Science is finite while Art is infinite.

Art is an innate attribute of the human being. It helps create value for objects/places/people. Even with all the science, you will still need to apply that critical component of art.
A good car requires science/engineering for performance but it also requires some aesthetics to make it complete. Not easy to separate the two from the faculty of a rational being.

Science has created AI that creates art in painting

To you, is this fine ? If not, it’s art you are intrinsically appreciating without acknowledging.

Maze jo. Unapata scientist akichallenge “the science” anakuwa silenced. Kama COVID it’s like Fauci pekee ndio anaeza ongea kuhusu. In that way “the science” ni ka religion tu.
Not to mention the science can be anything depending on who funds

ART muhimu but hizo paintings takataka za sijui 100 million hunikatsia , kitu inakaa mtoi wa nursery amechora

Si ata saa hii wanainsist that gender us societal construct and that is science