When i finished my kcse i was thin af.I guess educashen had consumed me up to the last nerve and so i was looking for a way to get big.Mind you i was tall so you can guess how i looked…a mess.So after going through the internet searching for steroids,i came about a you tube fitness video that was interesting.So it claimed,for you to get big you must eat big.To be specific,double your food consumption.The guy wasnt a professional nutritionist but i decided to try the theory out of desparation. Man i used to wake up eating and retire eating.Guess what,after three months i went to pick my KCSE certificate and duh,my biology teacher couldnt recognize me.Man i had added ponds and chunks of flesh or fat to say.Some friends actually asked me where i had gotten kibarua and i really felt satisfied with my new look as it had boosted my ego.Since the i have tried and established “eat big get big” myth as true AF.
Back to subject, wadau,have any of you ever tried a science myth and it actually worked as purpotted?

midget science edition

I have tried to bulk up several times but just end up getting a small kitambi making me look like a kwashiakor sufferer. I then up my cardio to loose the kitambi alafu nakonda excess. It’s a vicious cycle.

Hata mimi I used to be around 80kg till I realized I’d been eating ‘wrongly’ my whole life. I maintain around 95kg through eating and working out. It’s very healthy and I eat what I want.

It takes very little mental effort on my part, just a short period in the beginning of understanding your body(which I think everyone should do, because after all, what’s more important in life than being alive(in your body))

Binadamu ni mnyama first then binadamu second. When you feed an animal more than it uses up, it grows. When you feed it less than it uses, it shrinks. Same with plants and all living things.

. To add weight in a healthy way,you have to strictly follow a balanced diet made up of natural,nutrient rich food.You must also hit the gym but sio sana,like to or three times a week. Ukikula pizza,chips na kunywa tu soda haiwezi saidia,this will only give you flabby fats around your gut a.k.a kitambi

Looks like you were demolishing a 1kg packet of maize flour in 1 day…

ulimi marondo mara mitharigo na kichwa haziwezi kukunonesha

:D:D:Dhave you tried to deworm?


Somewhere close to that but 1kg tho:D…is very serious