Schooopidity Outside Kamiti

A Safaricom agent has been charged for registering a mobile line in the names of Woman Rep Sabina Chege to another person with intent to defraud her.

Catherine Nyaboke Omwene denied other counts of permitting falsification of the register and obtaining registration by false pretences.

She also faced a third charge of fraudulently making a false document.

The accused denied all the charges before Milimani senior principal magistrate Martha Mutuku.

She was released on a bond of Sh200,000 or cash bail of Sh100,000 pending the hearing of the case on April 26.

The prosecution alleges that on March 3, 2018, at Update shop in Donholm, the accused jointly with others not before court, being a Safaricom agent knowingly and fraudulently permitted the registration of Safaricom mobile number O727008230 in the names of Sabina Wanjiru Chege to one Waziri Benson Masubo with intent to defraud Members of Parliament.

She is further accused of knowingly and fraudulently making and transmitting electronic registration details of Safaricom mobile number 0727008230 to Safaricom Kenya Ltd in the name of Sabina Wanjiru Chege to one Wairi Benson Masubo a fact she knew to be false.

Two weeks ago two students of Multimedia University were charged with attempting to obtain money from politicians by false pretences.

Derick Kimutai Ngetich and Edwin Ndiritu Warukira who appeared before Milimani chief magistrate Francis Andayi denied fraudulently attempting to obtaining Sh 100,000 from Former Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo by purporting to have been sent by Muranga Women Representative Sabina Chege.

They allegedly committed the offence on March 8, 2018, at Golden spot Restaurant in Nairobi county jointly with others not in court.

According to police, the accused were among a cartel who have been defrauding politicians by sending obscene photos and defrauding them money.

The police claim that from last year some Women MPs had received love text messages from somebody who was calling himself as Honorable Benson Masubo Chacha purporting to be a Personal Assistant to Former Devolution CS and Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru.

It is said that most of the women Politicians ignored the messages and did not respond on the same.

Police also claim that the matter went unreported until when the politician discussed on their social media and it was found that the same suspect was the using the same mobile number to all of them.

The politicians claim that the suspect has also been sending abusive text messages to the politicians.

The matter was reported at Parliament police station for action.

The two accused person were arrested at Midiwo office premises by Kilimani police officers where they had gone to pick the Sh100,000.

Wakisii na forgery aaaaaaargh

Sio knec,kra,safaricom,ntsa

huyo masubo ni omokuria

The kuria have been assimilated by the abagusii hehehe

Mara kuiba watoto KNH… Mara onyancha :smiley:

Inakaa wanataka kung’atua shiny eyes kwa hio industry hehehe

And btw the abagusii of late have become very serious investors eg embassava.

Hata kuna place kasarani inaitwa keroka. They have infested that place like lice.

Hata majority ya nisso za ungwaro ni mogaka tupu. Biz ya matt Wako kompe na shine eye mbaya mbovu…

Wakisii wanakuwanga hivo. They move in herds or is it packs?

Pia minibus za ungem zile za yellow.

DCI claim they are still “searching” for him…attention should focus on what he knows about the NYS scandal

[INDENT]She claims Chacha is operating in the country using illegal documents that are captured in his identification documents including his identity card.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]“He is using Waziri Chacha but his ID reads Benson Waziri Masubo. He is not Kenyan and does not live in Runda, but Buruburu with relatives,” she said.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]But Chacha clarifies that he has dual citizenship.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]“I have both Kenyan and Tanzanian identification documents. The Kenyan one reads Benson Wazir Masubo and while the Tanzanian ID indicates my name as Wazir Chacha Masubo,” he says.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]The Nairobian is in possession of documents, including a confidential letter from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) addressed to Chacha following the NYS scandal in the Ministry of Devolution.[/INDENT]

Kisii ndogo in Kitale is now Kisii Kubwa. Kisii ndogo has officially moved to Eldoret. Hebu @Etigere so mujaribu kitui, mwingi, embu ama hats lodwar atsiiii!

I feel for the washukiwa, last sato nimekiona, wee forgery sio mchezo

Hekaya ikwom…

When you see chacha and a claim of dual citizenship, ie .Ke and Tz,guy must be Kuria …lakini pia si sisi huwaita mpigs, what’s wrong in lining your pockets with part of their loot!

Gaki gaki gaki, gwachana na sisi. tuko na agenda solid. lazma tushare hi mali ya Nairobi.

Nakuru waliletwa na Asanyo when he was still a Kanu chairman…sai Nakuru haiwezi kosa one or two kisii Mps, yaani they are that many

Wakisii hawana shida they are a good hard working people… Well, except the few conmen and hatemongers.

Alafu the ones I know ni watu roho safi…Mache has single handedly helped thousands of Nakuru residents own homes…unaenda hardware yake kama umekwama jama gives you construction materials on credit unalipa pole pole… and hes been doing tht for over 20yrs, sai hes arguably the most influential businessman in that town

Reading those charges, this one seems like a half baked case or the journalist is engaging in a pastime. On which charges is the prosecutor going to get a conviction?

Hehehe nyinyi marisherewa