Schools should reopen


Wacheni wivu

Gaaaaaaaay thread…only a homosexual can see a problem here

Hehehe, lucky bastard. Only got that lucky from form 3 onwards.


You don’t know the kind of relief parents get when such info gets leaked… Hapo unakula poa ukijua kijana yako ni kajogoo… The gey train has been missed… :cool::cool::cool:


This is true. I remember the good golden old days after form four my mum used to come very early in the morning kujifanya anaangalia mboga alikuwa amepanda nyuma ya simba yangu and I had known the trick if she found the dew intact on the kale leaves she would quarrel me the whole day for one fake mistake or another but I noted when she found the dew has dropped and some footmarks meaning somebody had passed by the garden she will go back and fry some eggs for my breakfast and that day I had a peaceful day. One day I intentionally threw an empty condom packet into the garden and as usual by 6.30 she was doing her inspection I peeped thro the window and I saw her pick the packet opened it up smiled and threw it down and left. That day after breakfast she gave me 800 Bob and asked me to go buy some shoes for myself. Then the next day after church she found me talking with a certain girl I was trying to woo at a junction near home, she immediately took over and invited the girl to come with us home for lunch. She told the girl that her late mum was a close friend of hers and that she will be happy to see her children being friends with hers. Hapo nikajua nitaoa bila mpango, I decided to change my ways and instead of bringing girls for sleepover, I would chew them outside then to make mum happy I would wake up at 6 go to the garden to shake off some dew from kales and occasionally threw empty CD packets and that’s how I became her favorite son to date.


Mums just want to ensure their son is not gaaaaaaaàaaaaaaaaaaaaay and a normal dude who is desirable to other females… It validates them.



I can relate…


:D:D:Dyou must have looked really gaaaay, to have your mum this worried.

Manze my mum alikuwa cock blocker kuruka…She used to report me to my girlfriends peroz alafu ile nastroll tu jioni unapata jirani anakusmamisha anakuambia asiwahi kuona na mtoto wake ever!..Kuna day alifanya hivo akareport mimi kwa some village elder whose girl i really liked ,Huyo elder bana alinisummon tukiwa na huyo msichana,akanichapa makofi mbili moto!nlienda tu nimeshika moto home nkamwambia akijaribu hio mchezo ya kunireport tena atajua hakuzaa kijana bt wazimu(i was so pisssed)…She was scared kiplani na hivyo ndo akawachana na mimi na galfrwnds wangu kabisa.