Schools opening

M7 has controlled things hadi in Ug schools r scheduled to open on 27th this month.Of course this will also be done under new control.
Huyu mlevi wetu is still rudderless.
His leadership is the biggest failure ever.
Kazi take ni PR na misplaced priorities

Mtu alikuwa anakula cerelac and weetabix in the 1970’s una expect nini…?

Wataenda in shifts ,nusu morning nusu afte ama ?

Mamoshi ako out of touch kabisa na the regular lives Kenyans live out of here. Kazi ni kufurahisha elites tu.

Have Ugandans tested enough.The virus could still be roaming in their air space

Na tulimchagua tukijua hiyo yote.Ama wewe hukuwa.Mimi nirimchagua twice tukiwa na @Mawaya

Bado unaninusa mkundu shoga chokoraa mtoto ya malaya?

What has he done differently from Kenya, and the rest of the world ?

Akina M7 walidinywa na yellow fever, HIV, Ebola etc mpaka wakaiva kucontain hizi vitu… system za UG ziko na discipline serious sana, si za ungombe kama huku. M7 ako na International Distinguished Leadership Excellence Award from his personal endeavours za kufight HIV epidemic huko, yeye si malenge my fren

Kepeee changu lazima nikijurie hari

Museveni is dead wrong on this one.
This virus has a ‘calm before the storm scenario’
For China it was early January
For USA it was February
For Europe it was late January-mid February
For India: it’s mid march-mid April
For Kenya and Uganda: it’s late March to late April.

He has allowed bodas to resume,- Ug imeanza kuamka

somewhat agree…Its still too early to tell…We should trend cautiously…economies such ours are too delicate to make drastic measures instantly the way its being done in europe.Just see the effect of the current measures…already the masses have started feeling the pinch.The president should also avoid making careless populist statements like avoid paying rent .This may lead to situations whereby the Landlords create their own parrallel governments akin to Mungiki so as to protect their property .This will lead to total chaos and social disorder worse than the virus itself…

Mseveni ameona lockdown ni ufala case study mapadlock

Don’t take China’s word for this. Beijing is LYING, LYING, LYING! It could have controlled this thing the same way SARS and Ebola were, but instead detained the top doctor who ‘discovered’ the virus, and the blogger who broke the news to the world. Didn’t want negative stories even if they were true and deadly. For two weeks the virus spiralled exponentially out of control.
Now Beijing is changing the narrative, claiming that the pandemic is under control within China, and that the only new infections are from Chinese students returning home from abroad. Has told its citizens to prepare for a second wave. Which it shall blame on the outside world, see?
Never trust those communists.

It is important to distinguish the sleeping from the dead. I fear for Uganda.