Schools in Nairobi

Kongoni atatembea juu iko south c. Think of how much you will save on transport :D:D


Hapana. These guys walikuwa they lead kcpe/ kcse then the rules of knec changed and they are nowhere to be seen ? Nop Nop nop. Bunch of dishonest educators

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:slight_smile: a kid still perform well kama ni mwerevu

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Shida tu ni trust is always given once that’s just me. Anyway you are right akili ni mtoto. I can trust a flock of sheep led by a wolf more than a sheep thats leads a pack of wolves.


shule skuizi ni biashara i would recommend a school with international edu system programs ndio ata mtoi akienda colle ako na option ya kuenda nje after hio pia job searching itakua internationally. remember Matingi is on the verge of changing 844 system… lkn lzm ukue fiti

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Condom ikikosa vaa karatasi ya Mkate, esp

Na condom ikikosa tumia angalau karatasi ya mkate ama ile ya Sukari kama ya Mumias

sio wewe ulitupea hekaya ya cuosin yako kdf na wife wake?
na story ikine ya ravine?

Aga kan Academy limuru road

Kumbuka Trump na executive orders. Cheza chini Kama unataka America

St Marys in Westlands/Lafington, Kilimani jr academy, St Austins

Here are some schools you could try, along with their fees and contacts. Thank me later.

  1. Kenton College Preparatory School
    Tuition per term: KSH 675,918 ($7,415)
    Location: Nairobi

  2. Banda School
    Tuition per term : KSH 695,000 ($7,625)
    Location: Nairobi

  3. Gems Cambridge International School
    Tuition per term: KSH 718,480 (&7,885)
    Location: Nairobi

  4. Braeburn Imani International School
    Tuition per term: KSH 727,800 ($7,990)
    Location: Thika

  5. Hillcrest School
    Tuition per term: KSH 782,310 ($8,585)
    Location: Nairobi

  6. Peponi School
    Tuition per term: KSH 792,000 ($8,690)
    Location: Ruiru

  7. Brookhouse School
    Tuition per term: KSH 830,000 ($9,110)
    Location: Nairobi

  8. St. Andrews School
    Tuition per term: KSH 994,500 ($10,915)
    Location: Turi

  9. Greensteds International School
    Tuition per term: KSH 1,010,000 ($11,085)
    Location: Nakuru

  10. International School Of Kenya
    Tuition per term: KSH 2,070,204 ($22,700)
    Location: Nairobi

This was based on Ksh 91 to the dollar. You can use current exchange rates to get the actual fee in Ksh.

This is obscene…especially in Kenya.

Wacha ikae, siezi chroma pesa hivyo

Those are very good schools.



Good in what way? Or because they’re expensive you just believe they’re good

Boss…paying more money does not equal quality education.

Less kids per teacher. One on one learning.

That’s very vague and doesn’t justify the fees