School Principal proves that pilot flew Kenyans for 8 years with fake KCSE certificate

Wajir High School Principal Aden Kassim has told the court that Ahmed Nassir Dirie Olow, a pilot who flew Kenyans for 8 years did not sit for KCSE at the school.

Kassim who was testifying in court told Magistrate Esther Kimilu that the “accused was not our student”

He told the court that the KCSE certificate allegedly originated from the school was forged.

“I can confirm that through our school admission records, the said student Ahmed Nassir Dirie Olow was not our student and index No 468021/012 is not our school code. Our correct school code is 46802101/012 and this index number belongs to one student namely Abdi Adow Yusuf and not Ahmed Nassir Dirie Olow as quoted,” he told the court.

He further testified that on June 19, 2020, at around 10:00 am, Anti-terrorism Police Unit officers from Wajir went to his office at Wajir High School where he is currently the school principal and presented to him a letter which he signed and that they wanted to get some information about a student who had claimed to be a former student in the school.

The principal told the court that the documents ATPU officers requested could not be traced since no records of the accused went to school in Wajir High School.

Meanwhile, a pilot Lt.Col.Rtd Adan Ali who is also a director of 99 Flying schools based at Wilson airport told the court that he trained Ahmed Nassir Dirie and that he is qualified to fly. He however admitted to the court that the 99 Flying Schools did not verify documents submitted by Ahmed during intake as a student.

“We only do a physical verification of the documents in a way of comparing the documents with originals and ensuring the names match,” the pilot added.

Ahmed is charged with making and producing a false document.

If he went through the training successfully, passed the exam, successfully flew aeroplanes for eight years, what the hell are you pursuing him for? Of what use is a F4 certificate really?!

He shortchanged someone else.

Is flying a plane really that complicated? I have never flown one that’s why am asking pilots in the house. I have Feeling its teachable with or without academic papers

8 years of flying experience means he’s better than most though… hizi makaratasi ni upuss

A pilot is just a glorified driver with a tie. So long as you are not blind you can enroll in any institution teaching aviation courses. Of course you have to be prepared to send a lot of money

it will set a bad precedent of Kenya not following the international qualifications thus our students Certs will be doubted abroad. and overally it will cause chaos. also its ATPU in charge which means the guy has links to terrorism.

but a Pilot is just a glorified car driver , hakuna kitu technical hapo

Our physics teacher alitushow acheni hiyo joke ya nataka kua pilot ati be more ambitious they are just drivers in the sky. Naheshimu tu fighter n helicopter pilots… Hata slaykwins huendesha hii vity

Kama the lieutenant amesema the guy is qualified shida iko wapi