School Love Letters


Dear Sweet ,

Time and ability plus double capacity has forced my pen to dance automatically on this benedicted sheet of paper. I hope you’re swimming in the wonderful pool of Mr. Health there.
I am also parambulating in the cool breeze of wellness here.

Sweetie Pie , the reason why this miraculous thing is happening is because , Honey , I love you spontaneously , and as I stand horizontally parallel to the wall and vertically perpendicular to the ground now , I only think of you , since you are a fantastic and fabulous girl , put together as fantabulous.
I implore you to decipher this my anthem of love oozing out from the innermost pendulum of my thoraxial cavity.

Darling , please stop haranguing with the feelings in my heart because I love you more than a snake loves a rat.
I start each day by dreaming of you.
Each time I see you , my metabolism suddenly halts and my peristalsis goes in reverse gear.
My Medula Oblongata also ceases functioning.

Crazy, crazy, crazy you may say but this is verily veritable. If only you knew what is going on in my Encephalonv, you would Prostrate.
That’s why I need to see you vis a vis soon for a better elucidation through tete a tete.
No hyperbole & onomatopoeia , just simple candidness.

Only you and me are protagonists in this subtle affair. As I cogitate and ruminate over the last episode , I genuflect before the Omnipotent and implore him to let this affair emulsify.

By the way , I was bamboozledv, scintilated , exhilarated , and left in a state of prolonged euphoria by the contents of your missive which was quite edifying and exalting.
It left my bio-chemistry in a paradise-like equilibrium.

Empirically speaking , I love you chemically .
I now drop my pen into the Holy Basket of Eternal Love …

Your Ever Loving Admirer.

Only Legends and Senior Elders can relate …
Those were the Days …!! :rofl::rofl:

Unamalizia na kuiba ile marashi strong ya mzae na kuspray iyo letter na envelope ndani