School girls lynch 17-year-old boy who sneaked into their dormitory

Sad and tragic in equal measure. Boy child Parents will be deeply mortified.

Police report that a 17-year-old student at Gathiruini boys secondary school in Kiambu county, lost his life after he was lynched by girls from a neighbouring school.

The form four student. together with five others, allegedly sneaked out of their school and crept into a girls dormitory at Komothai girls secondary school, at around 4am on Thursday October 21.

Under the cover of darkness, the teenagers made their way into one of the girl’s dormitory, Phoeb House, for an unknown mission, before they were spotted by some girls who immediately raised alarm, attracting the whole school. The school’s guards, teachers and students all rushed towards the dormitory to find out what was happening.

In a statement posted on the social media accounts of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, it is reported that four boys managed to escape while the deceased was cornered by the girls and the school staff.

“On sensing danger, five of the boys managed to trace their way back to their school while the deceased was cornered by the angry students and staff. Sadly, they descended on him causing him life threatening injuries. The boy later succumbed to his injuries at Kigumo level IV hospital,” the statement read.

Crime scene detectives who visited the scene after the incident, recovered planks of wood suspected to have been used to assault the suspect.

The police have cautioned members of the public from taking the law into their own hands. They advise that the public should accord suspects the opportunity to face justice in a court of law.

Hata sketch ya jiwe kwa kichwa can help in visualization.

This is the second time this Yr such an incident has happened…

Both school are at a distance, seems the blue balls were killing the mboys. Sad

We should have mixed schools…io upuss ya one gender only school ndio hua scam

Hii story imenikumbusha back in sec,i went to visit the then crush who we had schooled together in a boarding primary huko Kerugoya. She joined a school in kiambu na mimi Thika.
One sato i sneaked out, nikaenda all the way to their school, kumuona. Weh , Story for another day, karibu nilale ndani.

:smiley: Your hormones were tweaking…pesa ya mandazi na mkate umepanda nayo gari kuenda kuona mrembo:D:D:D

Mixed schools will solve this. We used to do that and fortunately we were united and used to travel in large numbers.

Watchmen or villagers wakileta ufala wanapatana na kichapo cha mbwa. Only cops could handle us.

Waliacha shule ingine ya madem hapo karibu kuenda kwingine?

nigga TWEAKING! :smiley:

Sijawahi experience such.
But kama tuko maboys…after kupashwa tohara…one of our agemates a very quiet holy joe…alitoka jandoni kama ameingia straight kwa esimba yake…sasa kuna ka dem kalikuwa kamenoki the guy…sasa that first night boys ame dose…akaskia hodi kwa mlango…ni teresa ako kwa mlango ana purr softly afunguliwe amekuja ku ‘welcome back’ the new man.
Huyu teresa alikuwa amesindikizwa na her pal called sandra.
Wacha boy wangu stevo aingize maji hajawahi dinyana hajui ata anzaje teresa.
Stevo alianza tu kupiga nduru aki ita mathakeh akuje amuokoleh.
Mpaka leo kijiji mzima humcheka.
His dad was so embarassed…mpaka leo dad and son dont see eye to eye…the mums also uncomfy with the guy.
But hes straight.

I think he was beaten by the staff.

When sexual lust steers you, death is just around the corner…

How na? I thought you would need a few weeks to heal. Ikisimama kama the cut is still raw you’d feel pain. Ama nyinyi hukatwa mkono

Kwetu unapona in isolation (away from society) with your fellow initiates (untill last man heals) mkipewa teachings za elders…mnatoka jandoni-like i said-kama usha pona.
Kama hauna esimba ama weh ni born tao you put up at your uncles place as you set up your esimba.
Hio wiki ya kwanza ni feasts, traditional brew, and testing your new weapon…ask mikel ako hapa atakueleza.


Friday, 22 October 2021 – The mother of Brian Mbage, the 17-year-old student from Gathiruini Boys High School, who died after he was allegedly beaten up for sneaking into a girls dormitory in Kiambu County at night, has refuted claims by DCI that he was lynched by a mob.

A report by DCI indicates that Brian was allegedly beaten using planks of wood by the students and school staff.

He died an hour later at Kigumo Level IV Hospital.

However, Brian’s mother, Mary Mbage, claims the school management told her of different events leading to her son’s death.

“The school’s management told me that the boy jumped from the fourth floor and that’s how he sustained the injuries,” she said.

She dismissed reports that her son was attacked by a mob after viewing his body.

“I have seen the body of my son and I am so saddened. The injuries on his body do not show any signs of beatings but the ones on his head show he died from trauma,” she said.

She described her son as hardworking, disciplined and jovial.

i agree must have been the wochmen