School Fires

Education CS Matiang’i has blamed the recent student unrest on gambling ,drug abuse & poor parenting.

do you remember peer to peer counseling those days used to be like a capsule in one sentence -

Wewe wacha ujinga sitachapwa juu yako”…

Didn’t I read cartels and some school principals are allegedly behind the arson cases? I pity the parents. . . .

me what i believe mtu akifiria maneno ya kufanya arson hana kichwa mzuri those are demons back when i was in high deputy alidemote all captains and appointed new ones wale janjez including headboy who was the most notorious…at first it was awkward but in no time all dark secrets were exposed all hideouts ujanja mpaka wa kusneak kwenda market ziliishia hapo …not that thats the solution but utawaste time ukitoa mbegu mbaya bila kujua nini inacause upsurge ya strikes

Does smdh mean shaking my dick-head ???

I had a chat with some students on Thursday!
Here’s what they said.
-Unfulfilled requests and promises(betrayal)
-Use of of force to do things, instead of mentally and psychologically trying to woo students
-Senior students requests are not honoured, or even given airtime
-Group mentality( the more people participate in a strike, the less likely severe consequences, or culpable persons being found)

Woo them with intention to marry them?
These kids need thorough caning. Wooing achia suiters

wachome zote hao walimu walituchapanga sanaa