School Fires. Langata high on fire

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na bado hatujaona kitu

Now this is Personal!.. Hapa ni my Hood.
Please update wacha nigotee watu wangu nijue vile kanaenda!

No wonder… Nimekuwa nikiangalia black smoke rising from langata area from my balcony… I even checked twitter to see if there’s anything…

Kumbe we ni chap chap hivi…

Ama it’s mock phobia?

And it’s funny… Just yesterday I was riding through the area… just checking it out…

si uwache hata mimi ni fire your base kidogo tu?

Saitan ametembelea shule zetu, if I were President ningetoa decree all class 8 leavers waende 3yrs of NYS before joining high school

you may manage to create a potent mix

Teenage Rebellion + Paramilitary training = Organized and highly efficient riots

Let i burn. Let it burn.

Yaani every opinion has a counter argument
Hii ni kali

matiagi is a flop, he rushed to make decisions without involving others. He should salvage himself en order all highskools to go on holiday immediately en embark on a brainstorming with the stakeholders on the way forward of pertinent issues.

On the contrary, the teens will be more disciplined. Marching like soldiers to class, timekeeping, cleanliness, responsible etc

Wakati wetu shule zilichomwa, na Matiang’i hakuwa. acha upuss.

The kids will take this as a win. All they need to do in future will be to burn more shit down in order to be heard. Sounds familiar?

Status quo doesn’t solve anything either.

Wakati “wenyu” uliisha its new generation with new set of challenges. We must adapt new ways of dealing with them.But we still opt for fossil mentality kind of solving problems.

Poor parenting. Parents have failed… Many of them want to outsource upbringing of their kids to school teachers.

A news article even linked this wave of violence to the Education ministry’s hard stance on national examination cheating (i.e. principals used to cash in on the loopholes that enabled it… by accepting cash from parents in exchange for leaking exams and therefore excellent grades for their kids)

Get your facts right. Dig deeper and you’ll get the real faces behind the sudden love of fires by students.

watu wa LGT niliambiwa SS ya Moi ilikuwa inataka kuchomwa, did anything happun?

If only these students knew vile parents struggled kujenga hizo dorms in the 90s to convert day schools to boarding. Nkt.