School fees is killing us parents

Today was school opening day and i just paid kes160,000 for my 2 kids in a private primary school. That’s about half a million a year.

The government you support and hail praises everyday is doing nothing about it.

Quality education is expensive

Hatukuwa pamoja ukimwaga ndani. Kila mtu apambane na hali yake tafadhali.

You are an adult. You knew that you could afford the kids when you had them. You decided to enroll them to that school. Don’t complain.

Jana nilienda my favorite restaurant after a Sunday business deal and I was the only customer na inakuwanga na high traffic. Halafu nikakumbuka school fees inapipinya watu makeii :smiley:

I went to public schools mpaka uni and turned out well. I would have taken my kids to a public school in my neighborhood where education is free but I don’t know how them and mama watoto would cope. I think is a lifestyle thing coz there are free public schools but none of my neighbours take their kids there and so won’t want to stress my kids. So “prestige” is costing me 500k each year.

How much did you pay last year? Wazazi wawache excuses. Last year parents pressured the government to reopen schools saying their kids will get delayed in school. Gava ikaamua crash program. Wazazi kusumbua tena wanataka watoto was one free ata kwa private schools

Na kwani wanasomea Githurai? That’s a benign figure to whine about. Insulting the collective intelligence of kijiji birrionairs.

80k per term per kid in a day primary school sio kidogo. Its what watu wa parallel ie self sponsored pay at uni. Kama ningeongeza swimming, piano, taekwondo etc fees would have been 100k plus.

Wanasiasa wenu walisema mzae kwa wingi muwe wengi for political purposes, mukaitikia. Sasa bembeni hiyo mzigo bila kusumbua.

Sometimes that crosses my mind when l am asked to help. But then you remind yourself that these kids are innocent and education might be the only tool that will help them conquer poverty.

@BBIsiMuhimu maisha inampeleka aje:D:D.?Kuongezea wakanda wafanyi kazi wa muhindi na Chinese tu.

Angesave school fees

Na most likely the two mofos screamed in ecstasy in the process and now they want you as a taxpayer to shoulder the outcome .

:smiley: unatesa watoto kama haujawalipia swimming na piano

Those living in developed countries have it nice coz nearly everyone takes their kids to govt schools. If I was living there it means I’d have saved 500k each year.

Si Uhuru anachapa kazi sindio.


A few years ago hii bonobo ilikaa chini. Ikajishika makeii ikaskia zimetosha uzito. Ikapata watoi ikijua vizuri italea.

Tena ikakaa chini na bibi ikaona imetosha mboga kulipia watoto private school at 500k per year minus swimming na piano or wateva :D:D

He made all those decisions privately. Sasa imeanza kufinywa kidogo and he comes here to bitch after making stupid financial decisions :D:D

I’m sure shule ilikuonyesha fee structure before upeleke watoto huko so ukiwapeleka ulikuwa unajua kwenye pesa zitatoka.

You are living above your means, probably kufurahisha bibi, relatives, na neighbors. Now, bend over ukamuliwe bila lube :smiley:

Ungekuwa the target market for that school ungeweza kulipia watoto extras kama swimming wasikuwe outcasts huko shuleni and you would not be here complaining about school fees.

All extra curricular activities were stopped due to corona otherwise used to pay.