Schindler's List

While looking for the contacts for Schindler Elevators I stumbled upon a short clip of a film called Schindler’s List.
I am barely halfway through the movie, but it is so glaring how ruthless the Germans under Hitler were to the Jews. Herding people like sheep to slaughter.
History buffs this is a great flick for you.
No wonder the word ‘meffi’ was coined by someone living there. Hehehe.


@Jirani naomba original translation ya kijeru

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I watched it in 2012 and i think its even more censored that real life accounts. Its still on my laptop. And yes, that is what Germans did. Real life accounts are more gross and on an industrial scale.

donwload rink tafasareeee. TIA

Watch that then Escape from Sobibor and the documentary about King Leopold and the rubber in Congo and realize that some of our stuff is child’s play. Those were mean mofos.


Tafuta DVD/BluRay and change language to Deutsch

I am streaming it on
Hizi complicated sijui.

That film requires you to watch a comedy after to lift your mood.

I had posted these threads about it



Great movie

Schindler List ain bad but there is this movie I watched when in campo - Salo(120 days of sodom-not sure about this alt name) This movie broke me. It doesn’t try n build character it just tells a tale that leaves you question who you are cuz you just watched some fucked up shit. These were those “hostel like” movies time for me and this one is the that gave me a break from gore (for a while)

Ps just rem if on any site cuz of watching this you see a movie called serbian film. Make sure you have a long distracting time after.You have been warned just realized it from searching this on a site. This one is cancer of the brain.

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I had read the novel with the same title sometime in the late 90’s.

One of my favourite movies

Hio tuliona 2000. Also, also, also Liam Neeson is Oskar Schindler, I know most of you will watch the movie while asking “Where oh where have I seen this guy before?”.

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One of the first things I watched to Netflix. Great movie.

I havent watched Schindler’s List in years. I used to think Sobibor was the worst camp after seeing escape from Sobibor, until I learnt about Aushwitz and Buchenwald from a documentary on WWII that aired on the History channel (back when they actually showed history).

Seeing the actions of the Jews descendants today I think they got what they deserved


Please, I don’t like the State of Israel but some of the most progressive voices in America and the world are Jews. Racism is bullshit BTW. Mostly occurs to those with complexes and life failings that they think ‘the other’ people caused. Ditto tribalism.

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It is not about being racist , the Jews always play the victim about something that happened long time ago, millions of people died during ww2 but the Jews act like they were the only victims… the japenese got nuked…twice and they are not still bitching about it

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