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Having been greeted by the above message upon this login, I’d like to post something before the downtime begins. I’ve been reading a lot of bile on this forum all because of tribal hatred. I’m no MLKJ but I too have a dream. I dream that one day we will have a view of our politicians as we view pussy. I may ask what a tribe a chic is from but I’ll still bang her if she’s fine. Tribe in this case is just for statistics and not to use to make my decision whether to bang or not. I have no prejudice against pussy because of the tribe of the holder. If the bearer is of legal age, is willing and ticks my banging checklist then hell, I’m tapping that ass. Mary, Kamba, Kalenjin, Kiuk, Luo, Luhya , Coastal, Turkana is just blah blah blah. I won’t pass on a beautiful Kamba for an average Merian. It’s my pussy policy and I hope you guys extrapolate it to politics.

Na kwa hayo machache, si tutombane?

@admin please bring back the ALL THREADS option.

Niaje @MaryJane uko wapi nikuje tufukuze hii baridi

@Savageqq Mimi nimenyeshewa hadi nikazoeana na baridi

Hii baridi ni hatari sana, nimeona kwa tv mamba imenyeshewa hadi ikaenda kujificha kwa nyumba ya mtu huko sagana

TV gani?
MET walisema jua inarudi in a few days.

Naona kama ni ebru tv

Weka effidense

Na watu mmewezaje kuweka comments during downtime? Ama nyinyi na wale hamtambui maintenance?