This would be exciting to watch


Ame do?

Mid ndio kusema sasa…

Ako on loan

World class players hapo ni watatu na mmoja wao ni keeper so players ni wawili. Wngineo ni maavaerage

Sawa Konte

Wenger ni ng’ombe amewacha Gnabry aende Werder Bremen yet he retains the overrated Walcott.

Mark my words…Zlatan atafunga bao against this midlevel team.

Walcott yuko sawa. that guy can play football despite at times running faster than the ball

In any case it was a mistake to let Gnabry go. I bet three or four years down the line, Arsenal will buy him back at four times the value they sold him! Bad decision by Wenger.

Yeah I agree the best Wenger could have done with Gnabry was to send him on loan, if he was not part of his plans initially, that way he can come back stronger and more passionate for first team football

Is this your best?

Walcott has been at the club for 10 years+ but I feel he doesn’t bring much to the team considering he earns 140 k a week.

Your team ndiyo mid-level.