Scenes Tonight at the Etihad Stadium

[ATTACH=full]353101[/ATTACH] The Zebras will definitely put up a spirited fight led by Maguire and his big head. Lakini Guardiola’s army will show them why it is only Chelsea that can invoke the fear of God in their skyblue hearts. [ATTACH=full]353102[/ATTACH]
It’s going to be very chaotic and bloody as the lions of EPL attempt to snatch the only trophy the zebras hoped to win this season i.e ‘Unbeaten Away’

At the end of the day, the zebras will just surrender and let the lions have their way

Fulltime: Lions- 4: 0 Zebra United

Draw i.e 0 - 0

Sisemi kitu

can a lion fuckk a zebra kwa kuma?

Yes, it can. Tune in tonight and watch live

Ongea mkamba tukuskie

Manchester derby Live

Ndio naamka wadau na wadauress.