Scariest Movie

Which is the scariest movie you have ever watched?
For me, “Mirrors” does it. I watched it back in highschool, and I remember it like it was yesterday. I still release some carbon dioxide when I remember that movie. “What if you not only look at mirrors, but the images look back at you”…I didn’t even know what happened to the guy in the end.
Other high ranking ones include:-

  • Exorcist
  • Final Destination

The Haunting in Connecticut. The first one.

The Green Lantern…that movie was so bad its terrifying


The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Partly because it’s based on real events. But it’s still unclear whether it was a medical condition or not. Here is the actual recording from one of the exorcisms performed on her by catholic priests. Hakuna ugonjwa nimewahi skia mtu anasound hivi…


The Conjuring 2 shook me.

Mist made me afraid to go outside and I watched during the day o_O


The rite…this movie was twisted. Kwanza I remember the part where a demon possessed girl started talking to Kovak in his dead mother’s voice. After watching this movie I swore never to watch any other exorcism movie.
"Choosing not to believe in the Devil won’t protect you from him.” - Father Lucas

Tahamaki.Kwanza mama lindi na karumanzira


the 4th Kind…

Wolololo, i was literally screaming, gasping for air, cursing and all that shiet in the house alone. That was the longest week ever!

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Dawn of the dead , I was in highschool

collecting notes ya weekend but in my books ni drag me to hell

mimi hata sahii walking dead siwes watch wacha hizo mnasema

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As a rule horror movies are a no no for me. But Night on Elm Street was on another level for me.

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thanks folks.
Jigsaw wa Saw 3D

Darkness Falls, tukiwa high school. I was terrified for the whole term. Watched it again several years later, seemed like comedy.

Ukirudia horror film huwa 90% less scary than before. But Darkness Falls ni shitty anyways. Mimi nilionea NTV nikiwa college…

Thats Tausi…


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[SIZE=5]Tahidi High ! Kwanza vile hawaendangi for holidays Wa shakes me to the bone ![/SIZE]