Scammers. STOP.

Since I posted a while back that I closed shop, I’ve gotten calls from people I assume are talkers because they refer to the post or just K-Talk. Different callers with Telkom numbers or the new prefixes that can’t be identified on Truecaller. They propose either a job or a means of investment. Asking questions a potential investor or sponsor might ask just to give me hopes.
Please stop. I don’t want to join any pyramid scheme. I’m not that desperate. Someone made a lunch date to try and get me to join their organisation. Another even picked me up in his Navara only to take me to Homeland Hotel where Organo Gold are. When you tell me you want to help me then end up spending +5min not saying anything relevant, I know you are wasting my time. I’ve had 2 meaningful calls from 2 talkers and we actually worked together on different occassions so I won’t delete my number.
And the others, please reach me if you’ve got any gigs. Thanks.

Wewe ni hotcake talkers falling over themselves trying to help you

Sounds like a script from Ozark.

Some pop in whatsapp, I don’t know where they do get the contacts. Most of them are women

i suspect wanaogopa kukuambia kitu…