SC John Khaminwa giving BBI Appeal Submissions

Most Kenyan who concur with High Court ruling, are of the opinion that, if BBI slides, the flood gate of mutilating our constitution will be opened to Future Presidents’ which will lead to abuse .
I totally agree with this, but then, ther’re some fundamental issues that ought to be changed in that constitution.

huyu muluhya muzee , aende retirre apunguze upusss

Huyu yuko na mchungu na Uhuru, seems like it’s personal.

Fundi magungu na teekay wawache upuss.

Haka ka lawyer kaende home sasa,his head now looks like a ruffled chicken feathers

Kama angekua president ni type ile ya president for life.

Practising law is what keep him going. It’s therapeutic listening to other people problem. Same way you keep on peeping hii kijiji. Na kusoma masaibu wanaume huputia Kwa singomatha na kufuga kunguru.
Huyu Mzee hafanyi juu ya doo. I salute him. He is even eloquent you can’t compare him na his peer who are in mashinani.

Heshimu senior counsel ghasia hii. He is not your peer.

Huyu mzee rika ya Abba akalale. KSL is churning out hundreds of graduates annually.

But believe it or not Khaminwa has not been admitted to the roll of senior counsel. But lucy kambuni and kalonzo, have. It’s absurd. :D:D

Namheshimu lakini pia wewe unaona anakaa aje…Si ni funny