Sayona vs sayona

Wadau i wanna get to buy this woofer system but i wanna
Phones And Tablets
Sayona SHT-1142BT 3.1 Channel 15000W PMPO Subwoofer
Phones And Tablets
Sayona SHT-1262BT 3.1 Channel 15000W PMPO Subwoofer
Which one is better? The latter has tall boys

sayona pps f*cked me badly …poor blueooth connection

My first sound. @uwesmake alikua analala kwangu daily

What did it do to you exactly?

So you recommend it?

iliraruka , and usually it’s bluetooth is poor

Which sayona was it?

i forgot …but it wasn’t cheap . it would play a song & go silent when the next played . meffi sana !

Damn! Na vile nimekuwa nikiotea sayona!

na ulioa eunuch @imei2012 lini?

Ze Bluetooth is on.

:D:DI think hizi high variants hazinanga izo

hehe. Device is connected successfully.

Hizi vitu should be banned, plot sikuhizi ni kelele tupu za hizi mikebe

cant relate. peasant problems



Instead of buying izi chinku models, save the money , add a few thousands in the course of the month na ushike a nice LG or sony home theatre?

sony is the real deal

Niliambiwa LG walirebrand sahii waitwa VON. How true is that?

This is exactly what I would advice too. Mimi nishaanza saving nadai kubuild AVR system

But isnt majority of these av systems come from china and korea for sony ht systems?