Say what you will about China but mzungu sio rafiki. Hakutakii mema kamwe !


If the oil reserves are feasible, China hoyee!!!

Hii ndo ile pipeline enye Uganda iliringa kujenga Kenya. Ona sasa. Anyway this is why Chinese funding is preferred.

“…it will displace thousands of families and disrupt nature reserves…” .
Do these white asšholes mince the words the poop out of their pie holes? Wanasahau how their countries have fcuked up every other nation across the globe be it financially or otherwise? US displaced a whole island of diego garcia just to land jets. They pay big buck to shoot game…hii watu ni matapaka sana.

Northern Rangelands Trust. That’s all I will say.

Let’s go to China

After the white man has industrialized through coal and oil they’re suddenly bad for the planet and unsustainable. Climate change is the new yoke for ensuring Africa doesn’t take off

pipeline ni ya nni? si mrefine mafuta mtumie kufuel factories zenu?

I don’t think you are giving the full story here. Deutche Bank is not the problem. They are ready to finance the project. The problem are environmentalists who claim Museveni signed the deal for personal interests and oil companies will run Uganda to wastelands like Nigeria since they have paid off Environmental monitors.

But criticism of the pipeline project is likely to persist. “Despite our persistent calls for urgent action from the Ugandan government, Total, and CNOOC, the oil project is accelerating while most of our concerns and recommendations remain unaddressed,” Antoine Madelin, advocacy director of the International Federation for Human Rights, told The Associated Press.

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Busy bodies who know Africa is a soft target

Nigeria is a failed state according to the british imperial system of failed states . Poor choice of example:D US is a bully,they dont want others to have nice things ,period

Asian countries organized themselves and developed. Middle Eastern countries organized themselves with their singular resource and developed. Africa ( Nigeria, Angola, Guinea) have those same resources and have done very little. You can blame the white man as you wish.

Well,africa is a dumb continent,led by dumb leaders,its a common knowledge¯_(ツ)_/¯
I will never blame the white man for black failure,no,infact i thank him for the phone that im holding now and the kidogo english im rambling with,i even want them back to colonize and reset some heads
[SIZE=1]i just hate muzunguz when the fuck their relatives and the gay shït they support,ni hayo tu[/SIZE]

Africa is full of stupid citizens!we have Engineers but they can’t built a pipeline,we have AFDBank that can’t finance such a lucrative structure! this is why no one has respect for the black man in the whole world

Find out who the largest shareholders in AFDB. Its African in name and focus only.

And Africa doesn’t have commercial banks that can give syndicate loan’s for this project?