say hello to potential world war 3


minimum wage US ni around $7 (obviously wengi wanataka iende juu), compared to other countries kama china hiyo iko juu, kumaanisha wakiji isolate na hii reasoning that they can produce and consume all ni makosa especially kwa dollar. angalia hivi, raw materials mostly imported at higher cost ju ya isolation, labor iko juu thus high unemployement, ama kampuni mingi zitafungwa na kunaeza kuwa hyper inflation just like the simpsons predicted


Na anasema atajiondoa kwa NAFTA, hiyo ita affect trade yao na Mexico and Canada sana.

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Let Britain get their Hard brexit alafu scotland holds another referendum to secede and join the EU. an interesting few years ahead

kuna possibility haita happen court developing story sahii, enda kule sky news sahi
[SIZE=6]Supreme Court Brexit ruling live: Updates as judges decide MPs WILL get a vote on Article 50[/SIZE]
[SIZE=5]The Supreme Court has decided Theresa May must let MPs scrutinise and vote on triggering Article 50[/SIZE]

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waah so can the MPs overide the referendum results? I once heard a news presenter state the referendum was just a “suggestion”. hehe

ikifail kupita parliament article 50 ni history


US can wipe out cuba in minutes. You wouldnt find a place you can stand. The US can place a nuclear armed warship next to china, but will threaten a nuclear war if you place any kind of a nuclear capable missile in any of the Caribbean countries. Countries like Iraq, Iran and such are non entities and china or Russia, Germany, or japan cant go to war with US to protect them. Anayway. Nobody will attempt a large scale war at the moment. There has to be alot of suffering around the world for people to go on a global war. Something like a total economic collapse or a threat to existence

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wacheni pia sisi tuuze makaa somalia polepole

warfare today ni very different from ww2 you dont need armies all you need ni submarines, jets, ships na nuclear ICBMs. means that usitarajie kuona russian boots in the US or vice versa besides given state funding unadhani itakuwa how difficult for terrorists to get their hands on portable nuclear devices. the point is one action will lead to a chain reaction that can bring everything down and send us all back to the stone age
if it was that simple north korea ingekuwa past tense