Saw this on Jacob Juma. Is it true?

The Life of Jacob Juma.

At 25 yrs he bought 10 acres in Karen.

At 27 Yrs he bought 9 acres from Jonathan Moi in Karen and sold the 9 acres 10 yrs later.

His Karen home is estimated to be 800m

His Lavington office is estimated to be 200m

He was married to the sister of another BIllionaire by the name Jimmy Wanjigi.

He discovered minerals in kwale that of an estimate value of 100 trillions, Yes 100 trillion.

When Cortec announced the discovery of Rare Earth in Kwale , their shares in London Stock Exhachange were sold at 1million percent, Yes they were over purchased by that I mean his son and daughter will have alot of peace for the rest of their lives.

At the time of his death he had sued the govt for cancellation of cortec mining license he was also seeking compensation and damages of 5 Trillion, Yes 5 TRillion , our national budget will be 5 trillion in 2030.

He was a sole monopoly in Supply of Gas in Mozambique and Zambia his investment in the gas business is estimated to be 90 billion.

After discovering that most of his neighbours in Karen were poor he decided to buy them off, Yes he bought off his neighbours in Karen and expanded his 10 acres to 30 acres.

His company also won the tender to tarmac Mungatsi - Buyofu- Bungoma road , Hope the road is tarmacked.

Hate him or Love Him, Jacob Makokha Juma was a billionaire, extremely smart, extremely witty .

By the time he was 38 Yrs, he was not able to get any financing from any Financing institution in Kenya or East Africa, Bank managers feared and abhorred him in equal measure.

AT 46 Yrs in his own word , " I am at the apex of my life."

Jacob Makokha Juma lived a flamboyant , controversial life

From the life of Jacob Makokha Juma lets take out the positive values and put them in practice.


Ningekuwa na my own gulf stream jet with that kind of mullah

Yet those billions can’t bring one back to life, sad.


A month from now, very few will remember who Juma was. Sasa pesa itakuliwa Na ndume zingine zikikamua Miriam…


another paper stated 100 million

Just like during the Artur’s saga when the whole media industry was fascinated by their Toyota Harriers :D:D


That cortec rare earths discovery was hogwash, they went on a media blitz with those supposed discoveries when they realised government wanted to cancel their lease.

Number ya Miriam je!!


[SIZE=5]Hogwash upuzi mtupu this guy learned the ropes from the YFK92 squad esp Jirongo, he started getting govt contracts that he never delivered and general conmanship ,that he was never prosecuted for being close to power, this power went into his head ,if only he had taken to heart TLC’s single “waterfalls” bado angekuwa anakula pesa yake polepole ![/SIZE]

you will be known by the friends you keep…when you think jimmy wanjigi think angloleasing…


Pesa sio kila kitu hao watoto may have it rough growing up.

Hapa ndio utaona kwa magazeti JJ’s widow kicked out of business/home

Hakuna kitu kama hii.

Huyo Jimmy Wanjiki naskia ni mambo mbaya. Apan tambua!


2 other wives with a horde of his children have emerged at the burial. Uwesmake was insulting Purr_27 for nothing.


ama ile hummer ya jakom…hawa watu wa magazeti ata ukiwa na probox wanakuita tycoon.


Land in Karen is expensive. His house sits on five acres, do the math.

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Enyewe kuna kamoja niliona kanakaa malnourished sijui kama ni maumbile au njaa

I can smell the envy, the man lived a full life and died like a bowse… you only live once but if you do it right once is enough. Numbers don’t really matter once you’re worth more than a half a billion, the quality of life doesn’t change much.


can’t say much for the rest, but tuseme tu ukweli, hiyo ya 100trillion sijui nini na nini ni FFEK! damages being sought were 240bn kenya cash.

the mozambique deal had not yet come through (at least from what i hear kwa grao)

hiyo ya 1 million %, pia hiyo inakaa ffffek.

#harrierfascination at its best!

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