Saw This Earlier Today, the Housing Bubble is Going Burst!!

We keep on hearing this statement year in year out. Was there a bubble in the first place?

Kupata tenants kurent nyumba iko next na Lodging huwa ngumu kidogo.

The bubble must be made from carbon fiber, it has weathered dire warnings and dirges since 2016

Makamasi, kabla uanzishe thread go to view history. Kuna Volumes on this topic unaweza kuwa na PhD mith annotations and references hapa tu ktalk.

i feel hiyo 4 pillars ya Uhuru when it hits the road many tenants will be property owners na ole wako if you took a loan to buy a rental property.Watahama wote waende kwa manyumba zao. Its scary when you think about it

I would differ a bit from your thought… The big 4 cannot fill up the over 1m persons that enter the formal and non-formal employment in the country every year. And the factor of land not increasing that part will remain. If the big 4 can fill up over a million homes yearly then Kenya would be on a league of it’s own.

agreed :D:D:Dkwani wewe ni landlord na hiyo avatar yako mara mingi nakuambia is hideous :eek::eek:

Am a property developer two different things…boss hii picture huwa iliniuma sana ya Huyo mkid…I will never let the world forget.

Hawa ma billionares are all focusing on mirage middle class who rarely save - kila weekend ni Masinga TT mara Safaricom Jazz - waanze ku target lower class especially these tudem twenye tunawork kwa supermarkets!

True kimpango, kwanza hizi nyumba za panels wakijaza hapo huruma, bahati na jericho, flats za pipeline na umoja zitabaki kuitwa diaspora na ghost town

Wake kwetu rumbek.we partner

Hahaha… Anyways this is a welcome bailout for the elite property developers/political class who are going to get the billions from GOK.