Savy Excavator Visits Nakuru

Property worth millions of shillings was destroyed as Kenya Railways cleared structures built KR land to pave way for some railway lines. A petrol Station was one of the culprits.

It’s is the only language that Kenyans understand. Brute force. Mwafrika ni kichwa maji na kichwa ngumu all at once.


Weka mbica,someone leased the land to the proprietors

Is Nakuru getting DMU’s to ?


There’s nothing two way about now. JUST DO IT

There was a clause in the lease agreement stipulating that the “Owner” could demand back the land by issuing a 90 notice.
I understand this was done.
And with such a clause, how does someone go ahead and put up permanent structures?
Or this was done when it became “clear” that the SGR was taking over the MGR route would not/ never be required again?
I say “TRADERS” coz you can be sure that the original allottees must have been influencial guys.

I hope it’sTHE land opposite Odeon ,hawa waliambiwa toka last year they’re sitting on a time bomb

All the way to KFA


All that stretch from the roundabout to the other roundabout at Westside mall au kwa ile njia ya kwenda Kabarak

There’s even a storied private building put up between railway tracks hapo ukienda showground. Total impunity.

Very true.
But guys will twist the facts with a view to getting exorbitantly compensated with our taxes.

Moi error Impunity was out of this world.

Hio ya kwanza ume mention. Starting from KFA

And we want to introduce another error…

From Gate house Roundabout to the other at Westside mall/KFA…Kwanza hapo karibu na KFA ndio biashara kubwa kubwa ziko

Ata Gideon Moi kuna building amejenga on grabbed land inajiita Giddo plaza

Hapo nje ya former KGGCU/KFA Garage.
This guy grabbed alot of Nakuru town prime property.

Hio sio ya bazenga mwenda zake Moi? Used to host Kabarak Nakuru Town campus before it relocated.