Saving money

Saving money is not easy.I have been eating like a street dog this entire month,cut all my social activities that include spending,.Hardly bought anything.The only money i spend is on food and transport to work,Riwe riwaro by 2020 dec i have to atleast have 1M in my account and finally undertake my dream project
Wale mnasave how do you keep the discipline to never fall back to bad spending habits ? What are the things you are saving for?

by recording all your expenses… you can get an app for that. best if it allows you to compare month to month.

recording allows you to reflect back and see what should be done in the future…

Ktalk Statistics show that most talkers save for that unforgetable incident dubbed “Kusalimiana”…

Mimi like many others hutumia locked savings account ya mshwari. Then set a target ya kusave every working day a specific amount from my small small side hustles

While saving, make sure you sleep for 8 hours, reduce wheat and rice and increase on beans and vegetables. walk to church. reduce phonecalls.

Money markets…wekeza pesa izae kijana…CIC, cytonn and Britam watakusort ukiwapigia.

Come and see what we can do.

Na hii uchumi kuna returns kweli

it’s not stock market, but way better than kuweka kwa locked account na bank hawakupatii any substantial interest.

our equity fund brought 21% returns in 2017

There was that story about Amana Capital who were preventing members from making withdraws

For 2 years I heard

The moment you start working for money and denying yourself life in the name of saving know you have lost it completely
Smart people let money work for them …NOT you working for money

On the contrary i dont see it that way.Am actually saving for a purpose.Its called sacrifice.Am not saving forever.Surely 1 to 2 years is not such a big deal.You have a weak man’s mentality.

I eat life with a big spoon not caring about saving or shiiit stuff…Do you know why?
Because I have created multiple incomes and let my money WORK for ME…


ulitoa wapi capital ya multiple income streams?

is it not from sacrificing many years and saving many years?

:smiley: :smiley: while you’re eating stay away from the fat, it goes straight to your boobs sir

Which app do you use?

I created my own app for this but you can check playstore and try out a few