Saving a DF K-Lister

K-Talkers? ITIKENI KWANZA… @Swagger_Madegon thanks for introducing me to this world.
Meanwhile, let me save KListers because even the self proclaimed prophets and prophetess are caught in the DF act
I know DF is your stress relief medicine. I know you don’t do it from your rooms but instead you always hop in a lodging somewhere and after the business you go home very dry, innocent and with no sign of guilt. What you don’t know is that somebody somewhere might be stalking you and there is a possibility that a hidden camera is installed somewhere in your guest room. The stalker might have an intention of hawking you around river road in form of a DVD and make a living out of your f… business.
To get rid of this, if you want to sleep in a hotel room and you want to sweep off any hidden camera just switch off all the lights in the room, turn on your phone camera (flash mode off) and look around
Thank TIPSY Now


hii trick nili learn nikiwa standard two, nili kuwa na chapa watoi mateke hadi wanaganda mguu

This trick can only work if the hidden camera has infra red lights on it, otherwise ni kazi bure tu… Sawa Bingwa Group…

aaaarrrrgg… Not another scrotum

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ngombe kazi bure aje kama haina infrared then itachukuaje video na umezima lights ?

Ngombe ya Wenger wacha kusumbua, naangalia mahrez akikamua club Burrungo.
Ushawai ona video za light ya infrared? Hata ukipatia Tommylee sare hawezi uzia mtu…

You can also use it to test whether or not the batteries in your remote are dead. Point the remote at your camera and press any button.

Hii tunajua…

This group mentality thing ya “tunajua” “tunataka” “tunasema” inasumbuanga watu wengi. Speak for yourself. Stand out from the crowd.

on behalf of 10000others i repeat hii tunajua

bj guy Nyamaza!

Niaje Bingwa :smiley: