Hahahaha… I won’t say more!!! Which category are you??? [ATTACH=full]110732[/ATTACH]

is there a combined category “intelligent rich donkeys”

most billionaires in this village have toys in all the three divides


You could have all… But am sure there’s a preference…

na wewe unajiona wapi?
Tata yaja saa hii
@introvert pitia hapa

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@Phylgee everytime am reading your name as phlegm, just change it to that.

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Pink handle to attract Mchipy holders.Anyway I am a donkey all the way.
NV tunawaona sana ,hizi Kcr zime fanya kuwe na influx of NVs

Hahahaha okay…

BrackBerry tunaketi wapi??

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[[ATTACH=full]110782[/ATTACH] QUOTE=“Meria Mata, post: 1072556, member: 139”]na wewe unajiona wapi?
Tata yaja saa hii
@introvert pitia hapa

Makosa imefanyika…na funda imekasirika…


@Phylgee tusafishe macho for 100Kcr

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My offer still stands…

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You never give up do you??

Do you even know the meaning of that word??



@Mundu Mulosi kam uone category yako ya blue:D:D:D:D


Huwawei Tag L21 yangu nauza, utanipea mangapi? Can you get a good HTC kitu ngiri kumi?

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