Sauti Soul Sucking & Theologically Incorrect Song

The kuliko Jana Song

Eti God anawapenda Leo kuliko Jana


Eti love ya God hu.change???

Damn, this song should be banned banned and banned

I read somewhere that happy people listen to the rhythm and beats of a song while miserable people listen to the words.

have considered chance that you might not be the target audience ?


Signs za unazeeka, let teenagers be.

Ouch! :smiley:

Unachekesha nini

That’s is an expression to imply that God has unfailing love.Everyone got that…na iyo ngoma ni ya tenee.

Kwa raha zangu duh :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Upper cut, stomach punch, balls kick etc etc RKO.


Piga makofi piga makofii piga makofi tafadhale piga makofi piga makofi