Sauti Sol breaks up, to release one last album and wrap it up.

Thank you for your service. Wish you well in your future endeavors.


Bands are overrated.

Even Westlife broke up.

Bien amechoka kutumiwa

This is the uptenth time they are breaking

You mean this could be a clout chasing stunt…

Pretends to be surprised


Uyo mjamaa anakuanga na electric guitar haijaconnect kwa Amp in every video na pia haimbi atakua akifanya nini sasa. Huyo msee ni kama wale Joyriders wa funky za drama fest, contributed nothing to the group.

Hata kudance pia agwesi bwana!

Polycarp has great music.

You need to travel more, my son.

He’s the composer, and the one that brought and started the group.

The dude is an excellent guitarist (and I presume, composer too). I think he’ll be fine. Even if as a producer.

You mean the gay band? I think 3 members are 100% butt pirates…wakiongozwa na chimano

If you were a fan of rock bands then hii story ni kama script. I hope all of them go farther in their careers.

Unfortunately, the story is more often about lacklustre solo careers with a few remarkable exceptions.

Sauti sol wameachana,Close sources have reported that Chimanos decision to come out as gay has led to this separation,Bien alisema haezi fanya na msenge

— MetroBoomin (@polo_kimanii) May 20, 2023

The band mates knew all along that Chimano was been butt fckued since kitambo, they should actually be thankful, Sauti Sol as a band owe their success to Chimanos’ homosexuality.

Uyo msee ni producer. Unaitaka producer aimbe nini . Infact if they are to break up, ye ako na position poa kugrow than hao wengine since they signed to universal music

Mmoja wao ni @Weyn the bottom fagget

Sautisol without a shadow of doubt are legendary musicians in kenyan afrofusion music. Hawa omwami walinukisha kitunguu proper. I will give them all my due respect for the accomplishment they did. Wish each one of them all the best in their respective solo careers

Remember Bien signed a 50m deal with sauti sol for 3 years last year… hii nigger imekafunga

Ni kama tu venye Pep anataka kutoka Man City after season imeisha. It’s best to walk away when you are still on top of your game kuliko kungoja mambo iharibike ndio ujitoe.

Kiuliso tu. Mkuu hapa Ile maneno ya breach of contract haigwes ingia hapa ninja ililie chooni?