Sauti Sol - biashara ni biashara


Boy child always under siege

Manzi fulani ameweka hii kitu social media juu anajiona ametosha unga. Yaani slay queen anataka kulipwa kuingia video ya bigwigs. In my opinion, these ‘models’ are not professional so hata hiyo lunch ni sawa.

I am sure there are many who can do that video for free. Hivyo ndio market iko. Willing buyer, willing seller.


Slay queen or not this is insulting. Get paid in food? FOH.


Your opinion is shit. Why spend money on nice clads and makeup to look nice, attend their video shoot then not get paid? Sauti sol are big stars who make loads of money let them pay those models otherwise wakae peke yao in their videos. we will not support them when they take advantage of other Kenyans


There’s full disclosure. It’ not like you get there and you’re short changed.


And the worst part is they are going to make more money off the video --use the models’ image to make money and still think they are doing them a favour.


That should be expected of some broke wannabe or upcoming artist but not African superstars like Sauti Sol


bana, upuzi kabisa

I guess it’s true. If they did that video in SA they’d be paying the models for sure.

In my opinion, they should use a model agency basi. Hawa watu wa kutoka kwa barabara alafu they are featured on a video are going to be exploited. Man eat man society.

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This is an insult…but it looks like that’s how things are done in showbiz in Kenya…I remember Churchill pays comedians peanuts coz he is giving them a “platform”…Utter nonesense


what misers!!. that is taking advantage of desperation. i am sure even in the USA, there are wannabes who would even pay to appear in a video. but no famous artist would dare take advantage of that.


Quite disgusting I must say. To say they don’t have the “budget” to pay models is very insulting and untrue.



Demand vs Supply. Supply is just too much. Why pay for it :smiley:


It’s a free world. If you feel you don’t deserve payments, go perform. If not, kalisha haga nyumbani na uache kulia.

Si if the shoe doesn’t fit, unanunua sandak jamaaan!
Standards muhimu lakini kukimbia shosho me dear.Opuss.

Willing buyer willing seller. IN my opinion, dame ameweza should apply. She will get exposure and connections, where she can get paid later in other videos. But we all know Kenyan music is trash. If a woman is hot enough, she will make more progress in life by becoming a socialite pale B-club than wasting away with broke artists.

willing user, willing misused you mean? who works for lunch and a chance to be exposed for another misusal?


Hehe you have backtracked on your initial shitty opinion so fast :D:D

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Kujeni pole pole, I doubt Vera Sidika was paid kwa ile vid. ya “you guy”, hawatakosa watu pale

Why are people finding this wrong? They’ve said there’s no budget for that. They’ll cover transi and the exposure is great.

I believe the same thing worked for Vera Sidick(a).

Look, in media, there are two things; sample work and portfolio. If you have neither its difficult to breakthrough.

When you get one, break in. Then when you have it, go for the next one with confidence that you can do it. Then ask for money.

It’s business so people should not speak of exploitation because that would connote use of tools without full disclosure.


when you make people work for food it’s called slavery. and the slavers of yore even had their slaves adopt their names…so these girls are expected to have a new lable “I danced for Sauti sol”…