Saudia Arabia

Saudia Arabia has been a pertinent issue since 2009 na huko and it would continue being so for the foreseeable future. As it stands now, youth unemployment is roughly 70%+ and increasing. Even if the government wants, it can’t produce enough jobs to accommodate such a huge percentage. Our so called “leaders” don’t give af about those girls in Saudia and they won’t do so any time, now or in the future. Most if not all, have Diplomatic passports which shield them from experiencing what normal citizens go through, so they could care less.

Well moving on from that, I personally think that it might be a bit elitist to simply say “si tuliwaambia wasiende”, it’s not that simple imo. Well we have had success stories from that part and going to work doesn’t mean that those should be mistreated.

So, we can’t keep on whining. This is what I propose from my end and If anyone around has some senior shot who can implement this, the better.

  1. Vet all agencies that purport to recruit those girls to Saudia Arabia and have them register at the Labour Ministry. Set a permit at Kes 250k, renewable yearly.

  2. Establish a database that would have all the details of those girls over there. Similarly, their contracts should be deposited at the relevant office that collates the data. The contract should clearly state the start and end, expected salary, benefits, deductions, tax liabilities, Employer information such as address, name, and other details. The database should be publicly accessible like the IEBC portal. No contract, no boarding the plane.

  3. Form a sub-office in the Foreign Affairs Ministry that would specifically deal with domestic workers in the Gulf Region. Appoint a career Diplomat to the post (avoid failed politicians).

  4. Engage with the KSA government using the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and use Diplomatic means to protest. Ask for audits and concessions from the KSA government. Very important.

  5. Make it mandatory for the girls to deposit their passports at the Kenyan Embassy for safekeeping, so that incase things go south, it would be easier to leave the country. Any agency that forces the girls to surrender their passports to their employers should be blacklisted and banned.

  6. Limit the length of contracts. E.g Maximum should be 3 years long and renewable only once. So the total should come to 6 years lifetime. No more than that. Anyone who insists beyond that, ajue ako on his own.

  7. Rent up a complex in Saudia that would act as a safe house for girls fleeing their employers. Max stay at the complex would be 2 weeks. Money for that should come from deductions from the girls salary. Kila dem akatwe 2500 Bob on an agreed basis. Ndio ngori ikitokea, hiyo pesa inagharamia stay at the complex, food, and tickets back home and possibly a golden handshake (sounds too rosy for our corrupt leaders to implement, pesa itaibwa)

  8. Put age limits to those who can work in the gulf. 21-40 years

Well that’s just a short analysis. JSKS akinipea kazi I would draft a comprehensive document. Shida ni moja


Msiba wa kujitakia hauna kilio.
by now people should know you are going to Saudi Arabia at your own risk.

The government should put up posters at airport for people to read before boarding a plane.

Those Arabs are racist and treat Africans like dogs.

This would be very good for starters. The Philippines created something similar.

iko ivi, wazazi wazae watoto wwanaeza lea na kusomesha. vijana wengi wako Saudi Arabia kutafuta pesa wajengee wazazi, na wasomeshe siblings wao, duty zenye zinafaa zifanywe na mzazi.

Kuna kijana ako 23 alichujwa kdf kabla waanze training, sababu ana hiv, worry yake kubwa ni vile ata gharamikia mahitaji ya family ya babake, ya watoto 15 na mabibi wanne, burden hafai kuwa anabeba.

That’s good but we are talking about for now. Yours is a long term solution


Kenyans are a meek people who hate confrontation and any other person who tries such.
They believe that revenge and justice, just like rain, food, children and leaders, come from God
Now, whatever you’ve typed is hot air at its best. You know that as well.
It’s everyone for himself.
Have children who you’re sure of providing a comfortable future for.:D:D:D

If people spent time studying Islam and how Muhammad outlined kuffars ought to be treated, there would be no confusion over this matter. Islamic law is more superior than man-made laws and stipulations.

Nice start for now.

The steps you’ve outlined are already in place. Necessary checks and balances were put in place by GOK and KSA govt, to counter mistreatment of domestic workers. There’s a local agency in Kenya that is paired with an agency in KSA, cases of mistreatment have gone down.

They would be shocked as well if they studied Deuteronomy from a Penal Code point of view, religious zealots are a bunch of sadistic rhetoric imbibing imbeciles.


You sure have a lot of demand for a beggar. Hizi shida zote zitaisha mkiacha kuchagua wezi na wajinga and demand for accountability in leadership. Am sure you are one of those negros who voted babaman, and were fully expecting Joho :smiley: :smiley: to be the minister of land

Ukienda Saudi kuwa slave juu ya pesa kidogo…as long as tukuonyeshe all the dead bodies and horror stories kwa booklet on your flight…apo Sasa ni wee

Someone just print a booklet of thousand horror stories…we gift you…kwa every flight…and we tafakari…how useless we treat ourselves for not seeking justice for our poor n innocent lost sisters n bros

We ghasia I was in the forefront kupinga a dynastic third term