Saudi Royal Family Documentary

House of Saud royal family is f**ked some of the activities done by them as fun is mind boggling from getting high end prostitutes to a prince commanding his bodyguard to fart in his face.;t=23

The west is so much obsessed with muslims… and silly lazy africans too

So yall be making up these typa stories like you did with the Tyrant to paint Gaddafi black …like you lied that Idi Amin used to eat humans


Why do you Muslims kiss Arab ass so much?

Oh please!!Some of these idiots come to Nairobi to do a lot of idiotic stuff too.

Will watch it. Right now I’m watching this documentary. I remember my uncle went there as a UN peace officer. He came back with sad stories of atrocities. Its basically a white tribal war.

Religion too, Bosnia has significant numbers of Muslims.

There are Muslims that the West is not bothered by. Indonesia is full of Muslims and the West doesn’t bother them.
It’s the Arabs that get harassed. Shida kubwa na Arabs is incest and that’s why psychologically Arabs are unstable people. Someone who can cut off their daughters head because she dishonored the family is not someone who should be allowed near normal people. In terms of brutality the Arab takes the Cake. The good thing is that his fortunes are dwindling. Oil is getting competition from other energy sources.
Just today I heard there’s a Kenyan man in Libya who is getting tortured and raped.
Arabs should not be allowed near normal people

It was evenly populated and that’s why the war there was worse. Bosnia, Serbs and Croats. Religion came second. Heritage (tribe) was primarily the split. Even their state boundary was on that heritage line. Their were Christian and Muslim Bosnians. The war drove ethnicity first then religious divisions also predictably followed.

There’s a website @kah tony linked here sometime back. I bookmarked it on another laptop. Can you please repost?

It was a portal that puts you in the war zone complete with sound effects, history,… It was amazing yet disturbing.

I must have missed it.

Envy Arabs???
I happen to be part one and have gone to the Middle East.There is nothing to envy.

@Deorro admin si utuwekee a separate category ya documentaries. They are quite popular with talkers na pia educative

mjinga utapatiwa kila kitu? …haya basi mpe mcoondu @uwesmake akutafunie

This is how Arab “intellectuals” behave. Just imagine what the average illiterate, goat fucking, AK-47 wielding, khat chewing, child molesting mujahideen wannabe does.

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He he watched that one and the other one just released by PBS… Then you understand why we have Al Kebab and their parents…

Hiyo memri TV ni more fire

Hiyo memri Tv or what is it? Crazy pipoooo:D:D:D