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Lakini wamegonga Muslim most holy place Medina one day before holy month ramadhan iishe…Muslims are Livid…wanasema screw ISIS…their saying the west calls muslims terrorists while the real terrorists/ISIS call muslims infidels



Acha nao wafeel the real pain Wahhabism nonsense has caused in the world.


Well played good sir, if it was @captain obvious he could be foaming at the mouth typing a 50,000 words psychoanalysis article while looking at his 1 inch pecker and wondering why some fags like @Bingwa Scrotum were born with a big ass silver spoon up their rectum. :D:D


This is interesting

Kabisa bro.
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Boss, yaani bado una machungu juu ya a one week old thread? I moved on, I suggest you do the same. Na mambo ya kunichungulia kwa urinal uwache, sijui pecker yangu uliionea wapi.


I doubt Isis is behind this, must be Iran backed shias


Muslims destroy Every place they have benefited from. They have destroyed their important cities and countries such as Baghdad and Iraq, syria etc. here in Kenya they have caused distaste for their religion just as they have done in some of the most liberal countries. So this is not new. To them, it is about who hits the most sensitive place. They have now taken it to the next level. Let as watch their thing slowly self-destruct. And yes, its good that their supporters feel the heat too.


machungu ya kupewa assignment bado iko? na btw ulimaliza io assignment :smiley:


The death angel has been allowed to carry out his work. At the same there’s a sealing angel going around sealing up God’s children with the seal of God on their foreheads. Make sure you cover yourself and your family with the blood of Jesus before you venture into anything or go anywhere. These are treacherous times we’re living in.

Our Prophet (SAW) said,

“Madinah is sacred between the two mounts of Ayr and Thawr. Whoever causes any deviation or helps any deviation shall incur the curse of Allah, and the curse of the angels, and the curse of all of mankind! Not a single obligatory or nafl good deed shall be accepted of him”

May the curse of Allah, and the curse of the angels, and the curse of all of mankind be on those who intend to cause death and bloodshed in the Holy City.
O Allah! Protect the people of Madinah!
O Allah! Protect the Ummah of your Prophet (SAW) from this deviation known as ISIS!

O Allah! Guide those who are still unclear in this matter to the truth - allow them to see the truth as truth, and let them follow it, and allow them to see the deviation as deviation, and abstain from it!

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meh… You sound like an idiot. When the blood doesn’t work the epitaph will read he picks the best rose. Acha ni lale sasa whitecap imetosha.


The chickens coming home to roost!

And Qatar

Yenyewe hio whitecap haikuwa fresh; imeiva kuliko Ile guka kiwaru hukunywa :smiley:

You sound no better than the Al Kebab and Mungiki with your gory imagery. Have you not seen victims of bombing attacks covered in blood?


Medina is sacred between the bla bla bla… What of the rest of the world,… Unsacred? This shit is worse than drugs… skia mwingine @Acoustic hapo juu


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