Saudi Arabia should be bombed untill only sand is left

Why sentence a woman to death by stoning because she fell in love with fellow employee?

Relatives of a girl who has been detained in Saudi Arabia for two years are appealing for help to bring her back home. The family fears she could be rotting away in a Saudi prison as she awaits the death sentence for having an affair with a fellow employee. Lavina Mapenzi Ngolo left for Saudi Arabia in 2014 to work as a house girl after she was recruited by an employment agency in Likoni, Mombasa.

Before leaving for the Middle East, she had promised to return after two years to take care of her son, who was three years old at the time and who she left in the care of her sister. According to her sister, Esther Kaidza, the last the family heard of Ms Ngolo was in September 2016, when a woman called to say she had been arrested after her employer accused her of having an affair with a driver working in the same compound.

“There was first an Arab-speaking caller but there was a communication barrier. Then a Kenyan woman called to say Lavina was in custody because of a relationship she had with a driver and that she was pregnant,” said Ms Kaidza. The accusations could attract the death sentence under Saudi law. The family reported the matter to Kenya’s Foreign Affairs ministry but has not received any feedback.

If both (Ngolo and her boyfriend) were reported to the Saudi police for having an affair out of wedlock, they would have been promptly charged with the grave offence of adultery that attracts death by stoning

Sad case, lakini she clearly knew the punishment for Zinaa in KSA, shida ya kujitakia hio. But something doesn’t add up, stoning to death for Zinaa means the Kenyan lady is a married woman, single women/men caught committing Zinaa are given a punishment of 100 lashes and set free.

Each country has got its own constitution and laws governing it and if there is such law forbidding such an act,ole wao .kama wewe ni sampuli ya @uwesmake ,ngono kila mahali ,you better stay at home lest you also get your self hanged with an Arabian rope.

True, just like the drug dealers who sneak in drugs into Saudia, they act shocked and offended when caught and sentenced to death when they clearly know the punishment for dealing drugs in KSA.

Why are they charging Mapenzi Ngolo. For being her name.

Arabs are strange. They’re a moody people who believe in violence and punishment first. You sometimes wonder what God they believe in that doesn’t allow for forgiveness. But we saw that report that revealed that most them are products of incest and that partially explains their lack of a conscience and being unstable.
They don’t like taking instructions from a black person whatsoever. Arabs

[SIZE=7][B]WikiLeaks cables: Saudi princes throw parties boasting drink, drugs and sex[/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]Heartless hypocrites! [/SIZE]

Wameambiwa mara ngapi wasiende huko na hawasikii.

Their lives have been exposed for decades. They drink and fornicate more than legends of Ktalk. Saddam Hussein’s son was a well known philanderer. Saudi royalty are big fakers.

Hizi nyege zita maliza watu

Wait why should we(who in this case?) bomb ksa simply because a lady from Kenya was sentenced to death? Despite she is a Kenyan let’s realise the importance of keeping laws while in foreign countries especially these middle Eastern countries with whom there might be no or very weak diplomatic ties. You might not get help at all when you really need it. Or better stay here, we’re broke but you have your dignity intact.

Just because they’ve not been caught, and mostly these princes have this sex/drinking parties in the expat compounds which are out of bounds to the religious police and the common man, juzi tuu prince Turki bin Saud al-Kabeer, mtoi wa mzito, was put to death for killing some dude in a brawl. Except for a few cases religious police hawabagui when applying shariah law.

Write your reply…Sharia laws, very retrogressive

First of all why would anyone go work in such a country especially if you are an african

Usipeleke tabia za Kibokoni kule Riyadh. Jua Sheria ya kule uendako. Ever wonder why many people easily understand and adhere to strict American or European codes but always get nabbed elsewhere. Mkenya anakuaga anajua Jaywalking mbele nyuma kabla ata afike US, but for Saudia, mujamaa anaenda kama amechomolea wafilipino firimbi. Wanasemaga ignorance of the law sijui nini nini…Take care of yourself out there by learning the ropes first. Kama huezi kula dryspell ya mwaka, tulia hapa ng’ang’ana na Vimal.

as much as i hate arabs/muslims , lazima uheshimu nyumba ya mtu kama sheria iko iko . kwangu naweza sema ntatomba dem kwa siting room but huwezi kuja kwangu uanze kutomba dem kwa sitting room . follow their law ama uone moshi

sharia law is the only saviour of this decaying world

Watu wanaambiwa wasiende huko na bado unaenda tu!