Saudi Arabia hawataki upuus. Sodom will rue the day walicheza na musito Putin

Prince ameambia G7 waende wajipige kuni. Wajaribu tu kuguza $300B worth of russian assets abroad waone moto. The prince has titanium balls. There will be a domino effect after they make good of their threat.

@Simiyu22 , @Aka_mpole , @rexxumbwa kujeni mbio kumethoka


The domino effect will be disaster for nato and especially for @Simiyu22. Finally we are having muthungu balls in a vice!

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“We” like…wewe na nani ?

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Punguzeni makasiriko sodom lovers. The world is changing and she will never wait for you.



Me and fellow putinists ivan and ekaterina. We are legion.

Only $50b worth of EU stock. Do the math. 300-50= 250. Disadvantage putin

Sasa wewe ni Economist, by ut let’s wait and see

Russian assets would be sold and the money would be used to pay for reparations and rebuilding of Ukraine. The window for Russia to get a favorable settlement is fast disappearing and going forward, things would be tough.

Mukasa hujaona hapo domino effect?

That will not be for rebuilding. It will be for buying more weapons

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