Saturday Nonsense.....

Niko kwa bed na dame hajanyoa futhi… this nonsense

Put all the nonsense here :oops::frowning:

Naelekea job with Malaria like symptoms. Sijui nirudi kwa nyumba.

Admin Boss, how long does it take to be an elder, I can see I am no longer a NV…finally the insults thrown at me will halt…:stuck_out_tongue:


It can a year or one day, depends on you.

[SIZE=1]who am i kidding? how will i survive on a juice diet for 30 days?[/SIZE]


So unataka tuje kwako tukusaidie kumnyoa ama nene?


Have you been hacked, where is the @Nefertities we were used to. Why all the pretence whining all of a sudden?

Its a vaginal infection. And you know how women’s brains, and personalities by extension, are wired to their vaginas, yes?


Maybe… maybe not

niko na three k(allowance ya games) nikuje?
today taking kids to athletics(boring as fucki in this sun.
jana tumekamuliwa hadi kwa settings handball. i think the other teams were kicking the ball when the ref wasnt looking

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bring the glucose


Niko job…na hangover zinanimaliza. Nimeenda kwa loo nikalala kaa 30 mins.


how many kilos?
can i add my cum since when it crystallines inakaa cocaine

as much as you can carry while still accommodating space for the 3k

niko na lock ya jaba na dem ananuka makwapa. have to buy her Fa roll-on there’s a buy-one-get-one-free promo at woolmart.

they package one deo and one anti-perspirant. give her the anti-perspirant and keep the deo for yourself. let her enjoy the free cancer!

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@ nefertities I know someone who knows someone who knows someone who can unwire somethings for you

That can be a start

And I hear they do it probono

nooooooooooo i’ve gotten used to and have actually started liking the itchiness. im thinking of keeping the infection.

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will do.
let me start taking records. ningojee.
one of my girls amekuwa namba 3(she qualifies for the next level10000m we take number 1-6 only)


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